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10 Queer Arab Films to Watch During Pride Month

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Rami finds himself spiraling downward before finally hitting rock bottom. He is 26, living in Cairo, working as an accountant, studying dancing and dating a man named Waleed. The film follows young gay Moroccan men as they explore their religious and sexual identities. What are your thoughts on these films? This film interviews a number of young people and their families and allows them to share their experiences combating the negative stereotypes that revolve around both their sexuality and ethnicity.

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As their situation quickly goes from bad to worse, Rash dreams of finding his way out of the gang. Moviez of this comes at a time of a major crackdown on gay men and the notorious Queen Boat arrests of Despite the clear attraction, Tala cannot accept the implications of choosing to stay with Leyla so she flees back to Jordan. The men speak openly about their experiences and the secretiveness of the lives they live. Leyla is insistent that she wants to continue to be with Tala, despite the objections from her very traditional family. Let us know in the comments!

But when Waleed suddenly dumps him to marry a woman, Rami must face the reality of life as a gay man in Egypt. He eventually decides to move away to Geneva for college and though he finds new found freedoms in Switzerland, he must come to terms with the loss of his homeland. Rash is a low level drug dealer who uses his earnings to pay for small luxuries for them while fiercely protecting his younger brother. He finds calm only when he meets Balil, a handsome handyman. He and Sayyid begin to get close and strike up an intimate relationship that makes Mo jealous and angry and pushes Mo deeper into gang life while pushing the brothers further and further apart.

Arabic movies Gay

Back at home with his overbearing mother, he finds himself pressured to stay in Tunisia and get married. Though this film is not about an Arab character or by an Arab filmmaker, a large portion of filming took place in Qatar. Did we miss any of your favorite queer Arab films? The combination of being back in his hometown, this pressure from his mother and his homosexuality causes him to have frequent panic attacks.

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