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The Sounds of Breastfeeding

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A newborn may find this amount of milk hard to deal with and he may pull away from the breast when the flow is strongest.

Adjusting your position so you are laying back and baby is on top of your breast can help him manage the milk flow better. This is another situation in which the help of a La Leche League Leader or other breastfeeding supporter can help you work out the best positioning for you and your baby. The most important thing to remember when trying to decide if baby is latched on properly is that breastfeeding should not be painful. If you are experiencing nipple pain something is not right no matter how good the latch looks from the outside. If you are pain free and baby is growing well then the noises of breastfeeding are just funny noises and you will probably learn to love them.

If you would like to hear some well latched baby breastfeeding sounds here are a couple of YouTube video examples: The very young baby in this video is not ideally positioned as he is lying on his back and has to turn his head. It is being posted as the feeding sounds are very clear. A good example of positioning and feeding sounds with an older baby can be seen here.

lattching This mother latchiing tuck her baby slightly under her breast to help him reach the nipple. Step 3 To latch the baby, line him up with his nose opposite your nipple. Support your breast and gently stroke his lips with your nipple. This pushes the chin into the breast and keeps the nose clear so baby can breathe easily. When well attached, some of the dark areola tissue will show above the upper lip.

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The cheeks and chin will be close to the breast, and the nose is tipped away. Breastfeeding should feel lech and you should be able to hear sounds of swallowing. When the baby comes off the breast, the nipple should appear round, not pinched up into a shape that looks like a new tube of lipstick. Wait until the baby opens wide! This buries the nose and makes it hard for the baby to see you. This helps stabilize the baby in a comfortable position for