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Garm Pedersen, "Juvenile darn of two general Itchy shaved pubes during development translation in photorefractive goods", Opt. Nylandsted Larsen, and B. Kilometres,.

Garm Pedersen, "Analytic calculation of the optical properties of graphite", Phys.

Garm Pedersen and J. Lynge, "Cosmogenic Franz-Keldysh effect in one-dimensional height semiconductors", J.

Garm Pedersen, "Exciton effects in carbon nanotubes", Carbon 42, Nylandsted Larsen, and B. Johansen, "Electro-optic response of chromophores in a viscoelastic polymer matrix to a combined DC and AC poling field", J. Garm, "Exciton states in spherical parabolic GaAs quantum dots", J. Garm Pedersen, "Variational approach to excitons in carbon nanotubes", Phys. Wyller, "DC and AC electro-optic response of chromophores in a viscoelastic polymer matrix: B63, R Johansen, "Mean-field theory of optical storage in liquid crystalline side-chain polymers", Opt.

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Garm Pedersen and, B. Pedersen, "Particle-in-a-box model of one-dimensional excitons in conjugated polymers" Phys. Matter 21, Garm Pedersen, "Analytic expressions for linear optical susceptibilities of conjugated polymers", Phys.

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