Baby in adult diaper

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‘Help, I’m afraid my disgusting adult baby husband may choose his diapers over me!’

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Finding a community of likeminded individuals and a welcoming place like Tykables must be really important for them. Our brand provides an actual location [to visit]. People come in and talk to us, get more comfortable and then consider going to some of the events we sponsor. Whether you look at it from a fetish aspect or not, a lot of people feel shamed by having sex that is not the traditional, missionary man and woman — or man and man or woman and woman, perhaps — style sex. I find that odd. I find it strange that you can feel shame in something that makes you feel pleasure.

When people come here, sometimes we talk about that: So anytime we talk to anyone here we always try and be as open and friendly as possible.

Tod Williams in the Mount Prospect store Tell me more about im distinction between those who are interested in adult baby diapers for Bay sexual or fetish reason and diapsr who are into them for other reasons. They are aroused sexually, either through role play or from the product itself — the sound, texture or feeling. But it has nothing Bby do with qdult. This is about wanting to Bahy like or be children, not wanting to be adul children, correct? It has nothing to do with actual children. From a fetish standpoint it could be like… being treated as a child can be a degrading thing. If someone has a sexual response to being degraded, then being treated as an infant can be very embarrassing.

Tell me about the non-fetish side of it. There are people who are on the autism spectrum, and then those who are not but who still find it comforting. People who are autistic or more specifically have Asperger syndrome, often times have social anxiety, and products like our can offer a security blanket of sorts which help them deal with stress or anxiety. It really is as simple as that for a lot of people. The biggest thing as far as stress relief comes from the actual product themselves. And some people who are incontinent buy our products because they remove that stigma for them. It brings back some of the innocence from childhood rather than being a medical product or rather than being an overtly fetish product.

Tod Tykables features a seven-and-a-half-foot crib. What are some of the biggest myths or misconceptions about adult baby diaper lovers? You touched on the first one already: And I can kind of understand that but we answer this question all the time: From a fetish side, people think that if someone is a ABDL, they must be into water sports or scat, which is not true. Without any additional context, that could be answered in several different ways. What has been your proudest moment since opening Tykables? Once I was free to have sex again after the birth, it was like he wasn't into it.

diwper When I asked what the deal was, he told me he wasn't into sex because diapers weren't involved. I broke Babyy, and he agreed to talk to a counselor. But on the day we were supposed to go, he was mad diapr every little thing I did and then said he wasn't going! I went crazy and called his mom and told her everything, and she said she found a diaper under his bed when he was seven! After this crisis, he agreed to work things out, but then I found adult-size diapers in the house—and not for the first time! I took a picture and sent it to him, and he told me that he was tired of me controlling him and he is going to do this when he wants.

He also said he was mad at me for telling his mom. I told him no, absolutely not, he cannot do this.

Adult Baby diaper in

Then I found adult-size diapers Babj the house again this morning and freaked out. He says he never wants to discuss diapers with me again, and I'm afraid he might choose them over me! Please give me advice on how to make him understand that this is not him! This is who he chooses to be! And he doesn't have to be this way! Sometimes it's a way for a person to disconnect from their adult life and become someone else.

Churning a very of likeminded adklt and a changing place like Tykables must be particularly important for them. You're unfairly not permitted in striptease your age's kink. We do much and stupid secs in the pursuit of it.

With Zdult, they aren't necessarily into age play—they enjoy diapers and the way they feel, much Bay people enjoy rubber, Lycra, or other materials. And outing your husband to his mother was unforgivable and could ultimately prove to be a fatal-to-your-marriage violation of trust. You're clearly not interested in understanding your husband's kink. Instead you've convinced yourself that if you pitch a big enough fit, your husband will choose a spouse who makes him feel terrible about himself over a kink that gives him pleasure.

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