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But the options for treating nicotine addiction in children is limited at a time Cs teen vaping is exploding in popularity, reports CBS News' David Begnaud. Fifteen-year-old Phillip Fuhrman and year-old Caleb Mintz say they are constantly surrounded by vaping — both inside school walls and out. Added Caleb, "it's not really even a social thing anymore.

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People Chs just doing it alone, and it's just to get by. Now they are working to prevent their peers from getting Cns. FDA seizes thousands of documents from e-cigarette maker Juul They could be right. According to a survey conducted last year by the Truth Initiative, 63 percent of Juul users aged 15 to 24 don't know the product always contains nicotine. Caleb said he thought Juul was "harmless" and just contained "water vapor. Young adults who use them are about four times as likely to begin smoking cigarettes within 18 months compared to those who don't.

Physicians who want to treat young people with nicotine addictions also face a lack of treatment options. Nicotine patches and gums are not approved for children. In states where marijuana is legal, shoppers can buy cartridges of liquid containing THC, the chemical in marijuana that gets people high, that work with a number of devices. Juulby far the most popular e-cigarette device, does not offer marijuana pods, but users can re-fill cartridges with cannabis oil. I will take that criticism. But we know now.

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We're working very hard. And we are committed," Gould said. The study published Monday was the first ndws a question about marijuana vaping was asked on this particular survey, which uses a nationally representative sample of students in public and private schools. More than 20, students took the survey in A different survey from the University of Michigan in December found similar results when it asked for the first time about marijuana vaping.

In that study, 8 percent of 10th graders said they vaped marijuana in the past year. Kids who vape are more likely to become known as drug users and make friends with drug users, he said, adding that "hanging out with drug users is a substantial risk factor for future drug use. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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