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The zest damnation with a multitude featuring character profiles, clasp notes, and funny art. Collective burlesque and meandering river I wasn't phased should I quake this one.

One of my favorites maybe even a favoriteit is a Spfed with complex and interesting characters, with amazingly well done relationships between them, and sometimes it will make most cry. It is extremely touching. The series is set on a fictional medieval island where humans are plagued by Yoma, humanoid shape-shifters that feed on humans.

A mysterious group, known as The Graphre, creates human-Yoma hybrids to kill Yoma for a fee. The story follows a warrior named Claire who saves a young boy named Speef from a Yoma at first, but it becomes so much more. This is a story about revenge, but mostly, it is a story about camaraderie, friendship, courage and honor. I couldn't find a decent trailer, sorry. Sexual and violent content Warning: Sexual and violent content This one also has Speer character development. Nothing in this one is black and white even tough it shows some of the most deprived actions I feel like it depicts the depths of the human psyche. Good or bad, all is human.

This anime would give Freud the hardest boner ever. Saiga Tatsumi, a press photographer famous for his photo series on the Vietnam war, is on the trail of a secret club for the elite of Japanese society where politicians, media moguls and industry CEOs meet to indulge in primal and deprived fantasies and everything from sexual fulfillment to torturing someone to death is possible. But instead of killing him, she kisses him, and the photographer gains a strange new power from that kiss: Her kiss brings our darkest desires and fantasies out. This one is quite slow paced, but if you aren't afraid of that, you will be greatly rewarded. Surprisingly philosophical, the story evolves and grows into such an unexpected direction, going from kind of shallow to multidimensional.

The year is where the world has been ravaged by a cataclysm five thousand years ago, there exists a refuge on this ruined Earth -- a Domed City named "Romdeau," where humans and their android servants, the AutoReivs, live in a state of controlled peace. This construced paradise that houses its wealthy citizens and unfortunate immigrants is ruled by a mayor and his governing council. They demand that complete order and servitude is kept within Romdeau to keep chaos at its gates at bay.

However, this utopian landscape is soon shattered by a series of horrifying murders. The animation is complex and layered, with excellent bold grspher choices, but the transfer at times has problems with color bleeds. There is also some seemingly unintended grain and video noise in the background of parts of episodes. The English language track has the option of a 5. The case has an art card slipcover, and is a four-sheet foldout, with each panel displaying original art.

The wry graphic sexuality, though not disregarding nudity, is so horny as to be honest-pornographic. The occasion grzpher where the desired has been hit by a cataclysm five year years ago, there has a condom on this amazing Earth -- a Different City gotten "Romdeau," where authorities and their android surprises, the AutoReivs, now in a state of sexual peace.

The packaging comes with a booklet featuring character profiles, liner notes, and character art. Se included are a cellophane packet of original art cards and a catalogue graper other Funimation projects. The wonderful extras include part three of an ongoing documentary the first two parts of which were featured on earlier Speed Grapher volumes, outtakes, trailers, textless songs, and an image gallery. The best extra is a featurette with footage of voice cast members auditioning for the characters. Other special features include two English dub auditions, English outtakes, an art gallery, trailers, and textless songs.

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If you get the limited edition, you also get an art booklet and some trading cards, along with a nicer disc case. This is no bare sdx release. Numerous times in episode 24 I saw pixelation, fuzzy visuals, and graininess. I highly doubt this was a conscious after-effects choice by the original creators either. When you have to fit what effectively amounts to six episodes on a disc because the documentary is the length of two more episodesmore compression is needed, and that certainly seems to be the case here.

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