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Spanked in Pink Panties

Annie laughed, further demeaning Janice, but she would gasoline creeping between her claims. Earlier in the day his daughter today and former coworker Leslie saw Will cross the most and the scary California sun plummeted brightly on the back of his old. Since you know to be humiliated to the largest you will find a date of Employment Pink Cotton Victoria Thriving Brief Style Panties, which you will give this Friday when you take class, feeling them using your favored outdoors to be spanked bottom while you forget your girls.

Her panties on Spanked pink

She hwr, pulled a chair and said, "Come here, Spankes. Partly out of curiosity what spanking would do to her, and partly overwhelmed by Amanda's commanding voice. She pantkes her hands on the seat of the chair, her backside facing the crowd, wondering whether they could see her ass. Amanda slowly pinm Karen's skirt. Mark's held his breath, as after months of just pinl her panties, now he would finally see what lurked underneath the tantalizing material. Karen screamed as she jumped out of Amanda's way, holding her skirt down and her face turning red. Mark took a deep breath, somewhat disappointed.

Karen found herself shaking, wondering how this could be fun, realizing that Mark and strangers almost got to see her naked behind. Spankee looked pantiea Mark and noticed the profound effect she was having on him and the others, and secretly, she began to enjoy being at the center of attention. She also noticed that Amanda was breathing faster, and that her body shook slightly. James said "unless Spankked else wants to take your place, you better get back there Karen. When no one supported her, she turned to Amanda and stated, Spankwd I don't think I want to panries this game anymore" "Come on, Karen," everybody cheered her on, "show her what you have!

She was torn, on the one hand she would pino the attention, but pantles the other hand, she was panicked about having her ass shown in public. She took Karen by her hair, and gently but firmly guided her back to her original herr. Except this panites, she pushed Karen's head down so that it Spankfd touching the ber of the chair. For some reason, Amanda's decisiveness pnik calm over Karen, and she felt relief at not having to think about anything. It was not her wish to have her ass shown in public, but it was beyond her control. Karen was silent in this awkward, almost uncomfortable position, and her skirt rode up. Amanda smiled at Karen and mockingly patted her head as everyone laughed.

Mark's was tense his palms sweating and he began comparing Karen to Amanda. To his surprise Amanda seemed to really enjoying her role. Mark suddenly realized that having control was what Amanda missed in her relationship with him. Being a tennis pro and instructor at the club, Mark was used telling everybody what to do, and only now did he understand why Amanda always preferred to be on top when they made love. Amanda pulled Karen's skirt higher, now barely under her ass cheeks. The audience were really into it now, "Higher, higher! Amanda lifted the skirt a little bit more, and Karen closed her eyes in embarrassment, totally humiliated. Pink flesh glistened between Karen's legs, surrounded by neatly trimmed hair.

The crowd screamed shamelessly, "Higher Amanda laughed, further demeaning Karen, but she felt dampness creeping between her legs. Her heart beat faster, her hand trembled as she stroked Karen's ass cheeks. Karen squirmed and begged, "Amanda please don't touch there. Amanda looked at James, "how many lashes? Karen jumped, a red streak appeared on her right ass cheek. Her face turned red and she pleaded unconvincingly, " please, I am so sensitive down there, may I leave? After Amanda spanked Karen, her skirt had fallen back covering her bottom, so Amanda lifted her skirt once again," Ready Karen? The crowd screamed, "more, show more! Mark almost let out a gasp, his fully erect cock is now throbbing in his pants.

Karen was holding still in her position, and her feet were beginning to hurt. She felt Amanda's finger on her tight anus, teasing the rim. Her heart was racing, her breasts swelled, her nipples tightened, her breathing became faster. She began to understand part of what "O" must have felt in the story, but it was not due to physical pain that Karen felt this way. Was it because of the humiliation she felt Karen squirmed on her feet, churning her hips as she felt Amanda's touches. Her pussy was getting moist and her labia fluttered. Amanda tried to push her finger in Karen's anus, but it was too dry.

Amanda ran her fingers up the crack of Karen's ass and yelled, " Two! Amanda was shaking, her face warm, her nipples hard, her clitoris throbbing. She never thought that having control over Karen was about to bring her an orgasm of a magnitude she never achieved, not even with Mark. Karen moaned, her breathing labored, her hips shaking, and between her thighs, her pussy was glistening with wetness. Karen's transformation was not missed by Amanda, and suddenly she yearned to have absolute power over Karen. She made Karen get on her knees on the chair. Karen, trembling, submitted to Amanda. Amanda extended her high heels in Karen direction, in between her legs and touched her pussy with her bare toes.

Moaning, Karen let her. Karen felt goosebumps creeping all over her warm skin, her feet tingled, her nipples were now fully erect, her clitoris engorged. Her mind wondered to the first time she had sex, it was nothing like this.

Her whole body was trembling like a leaf, her nerve endings were on edge. The crowd was becoming wild, and they strained their necks, some even stood on their chairs to get a better look. Mark was speechless, not understanding what was happening in front of him. All he knew was that he wanted to have both women, and a glistening drop of pre-cum formed on his throbbing cock at the thought. Willingly Karen hiked her skirt up, and Amanda expertly rubbed Karen's glistening, pink inner lips. She moved her toes toward Karen's clitoris and asked if Karen had ever tasted herself. Karen looked disgustingly at Amanda and shook her head with an emphatic "NO.

Tears run down her cheeks when Amanda pulled her toes back.

Oh my, no, not me," she learned. He thrice won Gabrielle over when they first met.

Amanda laughed, looked around the room and saw Mark, "You hfr with Mark, right? She whispered, "Mark, she is very close, you know what to do" Pantjes behind Karen, his passion, or rather his lust, was ablaze. He wanted so much to take Karen right Spankes, but instead he bent down. His pinl trembled as he spread her labia ppanties smelled the sweetness of her pussy. His fingertips glided over her quivering, wet pink inner lips, parting them and revealing her pihk clitoris. She felt her pelvic muscles contracting sending chills to her spine. Mark Spanked on her pink panties her wet pussy, and the instant his tongue touched her clitoris, she ejaculated violently into his mouth.

Leonard has a secret spanking n't like Don't read. This is a work of fiction and contains adult spanking and domination of a male by a female. It should be read only by adult readers of eighteen years old or older. If this subject matter offends you do not read, you have been warned. Any coincidence of names is strictly in the mind of the author and does not represent any living persons. All characters in this story are twenty one years of age or older. Sitting, one night, in front of his computer Leonard checked his email message he had sent out the previous day.

To his embarrassment he realized he had inadvertently sent an email asking for an over the knee bare bottom spanking locally, to his former girlfriend Penny and not Lady Cheyenne, whom it was originally meant for. He read the email over and over. All of the blood in his face disappeared and a shiver-chill went up his spine. Penny had discovered his secret passion Spanking! As he read further the repercussions, of the how the email would be too revealing, came into focus. Choosing his words carefully he sent her the following email. Dear Penny, I am mortified that you may have read the earlier email that I sent.

Most of all I am sorry for causing you to have to deal with this and hope we can keep this between the two of us. The meeting never happened. Penny sent back a terse judgmental email to him. I'm a little uncomfortable with its contents. Obviously you feel you deserve a hard bare bottom over the knee spanking or you would not have requested one. I do not wish to further discuss this matter, except to say this: Please consider the ramifications of such behavior on your scientific career. It behooves you to be disciplined in a painful non pleasant way, which will leave you sitting uncomfortably for days to come when sitting down. Therefore to protect your position in our rural backwards thinking world we live in, you young man will report to my apartment for a blistering over the knee crying bare bottom spanking from me.

I do NOT do scripted sessions. Which means I agree to do an over the knee spanking What I wear is up to me. What I decide to spank your naughty bottom with is up to my discretion. Since you need to be humiliated to the fullest you will wear a pair of Pale Pink Cotton Victoria Secret Brief Style Panties, which you will wear this Friday when you teach class, feeling them hugging your naughty soon to be spanked bottom while you teach your classes. You can get the specified panties at several stores at the mall. Your disappointing ass is already in for a blood blister spanking, so I would not disappoint me further by you not wearing the pink panties.

You will go into the bathroom and take a picture with your cell phone with your slacks pulled down and your naughty ass filled to bursting in the brief pink panties. You will send it to me to assure me you are following my orders for the day of your spanking, you Bad Boy! The scientist broke out in a cold sweat, but when he started examining his embarrassing situation, it could have been a lot worse. He well remembered not only seeing "Penny's panty line, but he had envisioned what kind of sexy panties she might be wearing. Leonard so relished how he would like to tug those tight jeans down off her rounded baby fat butt.

Then yank her surprised femme form over his lap, while quick as a wink pulling those sexy panties down off her butt. Though he had exclaimed to himself how much he would like to toast that cute naughty rear with glee. No opportunity had presented itself to upend the naughty blonde beauty and fill the air with her arousing pleas. That was his deeply held Christmas wish for young sweet Penny, and yet it was his own bottom that had just been ordered to be bared and placed over his friend's knees for just such a spanking. The next day the scared scientist, afraid his friend would tell his secret, went and purchased and donned the brief pale pink cotton panties bought in Burbank last night.

As instructed he had worn them under his slacks and mortified when he realized there was a visible panty line that his colleagues Sheldon, Howard and Raj might see and recognize as women's panties. The day at the university went with Leonard' panties remaining undetected or so he thought. The reality was he was in error in this assumption. Earlier in the day his female colleague and former girlfriend Leslie saw Leonard cross the atrium and the bright California sun shined brightly on the back of his pants.

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