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Rick Koschar – Geneva

Wherever was a few. Among that special, perhaps under-recognized because of the hotel finalist of the textile and the band he loved, was just Stop Koschar, who will be divorced into the Ashtabula Truth Touchdown Club Hall of Opium on Dec.

Custom Widget Area 2 Please login and add some widgets to this widget area. Custom Widget Area 3 Please login and add some widgets to this widget area. Those Eagle teams went undefeated in consecutive years, a feat few Ashtabula County squads have been able to accomplish. Altogether, they won 21 straight games. Among that group, perhaps under-recognized because of the sheer depth of the team and the position he played, was center Rick Koschar, who will be inducted into the Ashtabula County Touchdown Club Hall of Fame on Dec.

Koschar played fullback for the Colts. Even when he became a lineman he had the speed to run with the backs. All of us had a ton of speed. In high school I could punt better than Mark Csepegi who held down that jobbut they needed me to snap the ball. But I was often the first one downfield from my center position. The Eagles had so much talent they could almost totally two-platoon, with different players on offense and defense. That gave them two advantages: On offense, the Eagles had Mark Jablonski then a junior at quarterback, Wilcox at halfback and Greg Scafuro at fullback.

The defense was just as loaded. To rest some of the other players, Koschar sometimes got into the game on defense.

If somebody went down, I had to fill in. About the only tough game was a victory over Harbor that went down to the end. The Heralds were favored in that game by Star Beacon sports writers. That was a big highlight of the season.

We always talked about it. His pregame speeches had us ready to koscyar through water and spit nails. Playing together since their Geneva Midget League days, the group was a cohesive and talented bunch. They taught us the fundamentals of the game, how to compete and the importance of winning at a very young age.

Koschar Dick

Quarterback Kosvhar Jablonski keyed the Geneva attack with his slight of hand. Opposing teams never knew whether Jablonski handed koxchar ball off or kept it himself. Several times referees blew their whistles inadvertently, causing stoppage of play. Greg Wilcox, a little guy at 5-foot-7, pounds, piled up 1, years one year, behind a big offensive line and fullback Scafuro. Scafuro often got the ball and was difficult to bring down. John, Edgewood, Madison and Riverside. That was back when the NEC was a powerhouse of a league.

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Eventually, they won 21 straight games, stretching over two seasons and one game of a third year. The team captured the heart of the community. It was a privilege to be voted a team captain by my teammates my senior year along with Greg Wilcox and Rick Koschar. Scafuro particularly remembers two games. In one of them, the Ashtabula game, he intercepted a pass intended for Terry Lyons and took it 60 yards to close out the first half of a win. The other game he recalls was the St.

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