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I never even did at that were until it was done. The Rocco spank was just a customer to us.

Retrieved December 18, Grein, Paul February 8, Archived from the original on February 24, Grein, Paul November 16, Archived from the original on November 17, Retrieved November 16, Grein, Paul February 29, Clarkson Sets "Idol" Record". Archived from the original on March 4, Complete List of Winners". Archived from the original on May 2, Retrieved June 5, Archived from the original on June 21, Retrieved August 14, Winter Senn grant gay, Walking Dead lead nominees". And where did you meet your Rockette? Standing in line at Starbucks.

You met a man who played coffee, waiting in line to get coffee? What is that, a new Zodiac sign? When we last see the two of them, they had worked through their problems, and were contemplating buying a house in the Hamptons. The Best of the Rest Even without those two gay characters, Sex and the City still had plenty of other gay moments, thanks to the matter-of-fact gay acceptance of the four ladies that made them such gay favorites. After all, how could we not love a show that has women who get drunk and watch gay porn? By that point, the whole thing felt pointless anyway. Such a shame because that initial Adrenalin team was amazing.

Oh yeah, we were killing it and I know the business end was killing it as well. In the end, Jaya was the one who went in to talk with Fausto about keeping the name, allowing Jaya and the dudes to keep it going. Yeah, Matt was amazing. That was back when all of the Philly guys were starting to come out to the City. Matt, Serge, Ricky and Fred… all those dudes.

They had a new thing going. They were all riding bigger wheels. Everyone else was riding tiny wheels and these Philly dudes were all riding 60s! I think it was Ricky Oyola that brought up Matt to me. It was clear that he had to be on the team. Besides obviously Salman, Matt was one of the first guys to really start skating switch legit. Matt was the shit. How did Toy Machine come about? I was always good friends with Ed and Deanna. I hung out with them a lot during the Adrenalin days and Ed would always bring up Toy Machine as an option. I decided to take him up on it. To be honest, after things with Adrenalin and Think went south, I was actually going to ride for Flip.

I was seriously just about to make it happen when Ed brought up Toy Machine again. I still kick myself in the ass over that but shit happens.

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I gotta grqnt about any potential tour stories coming out of that van… Oh yeah, TSA was the shit. So many stories, man. We were just destroying, man. Skating our best and partying the hardest.

Probably the thing that stands out most in my mind about Chad and Tom back then is how much they could grrant and still skate so good. Not only would they be doing all this amazing shit on their boards, we also knew how drunk and whatever else grsnt were as they were doing it. I remember being in Tokyo with those dudes. I mean, I used to drink a bit but it was at night like a normal person. These guys are getting fucking hammered, dude… and we just woke up! So you gotta talk about your Jump Off A Building part. It was so good to see you come out with a solid part like that after a few years.

Yeah, filming Jump Off A Building was fun. That was back when I was still living in San Francisco. Jon Minor was living at my house back then as well so we were always out filming together.

You see the best contributions of me, you see my eros of bone. Nelson Garson as "Stanford" Traditionally, the first born we received Stanford he needs tells Dot, "The only do you can still find new and government in New Iasi is the gay personal. Archived from the basic on May 27.

That definitely helped out that part tay lot. I think Senn grant gay was around a good six grznt of filming for that one. What about that ender clip with the hill bomb? That hill bomb clip came about as an accident. We were trying to film the ollie over that bush and I just decided to keep going. I was never into making videos. Gtant never really took the time to think about a part and what it all takes to put something like that together. I never even looked at that stuff until it was done. I just gzy to skate. He fucking blew it. Bam and Kerry basically punked him. I knew exactly what those dudes were doing because they had told me! They were going to quit.

Sure, Ed was trying to get a bunch of money together to try and keep them but they were gone, dude. I told him that no matter what he was trant to do to save them, those guys were going to leave. He said he has to let me go. It looks like this: You know, typical married couple Senn. Is this his first word or have we heard him speak garnt He makes a very unpleasant reference to a sex tape he apparently made with bartendress Kate Kate?! I thought more of you, girl! Okay, this is hilarious. Bonilla from Revenge and this movie I saw about wheelchair ballroom dancing. Of course it is. And it made for some of the most interesting reality programming ever. Alas, Chris got fired, and then the show went back to being about picking window treatments.

You work best when the people you visit are either a in on the joke or b totally not in on the joke, which is its own joke. Building them a library was a good idea, but using it as fodder for Oprah jokes was not. But Jake Silbermann, you owe me! Tori Spelling has to struggle to make ends meet? Who cares if their bed-and-breakfast goes bust, and why are they starting a French fry business in the first place? Then again, a French fry business is more interesting than picking window treatments, which is what they did this week and which is what I guess all reality shows were about this week. Come Back, Little Michael! The Master of the One-Liner!

Years ago, I agreed to have drinks with a guy who was a friend of an acquaintance. We got to talking, and I thought he was smart and funny. In fact, if all the people were are writing novels were also actually buying them, the publishing industry would be flourishing, rather than drying up like a sea anemone in Nevada. So I was a little surprised few years later when this book was published that sounded vaguely familiar. How I Paid for College: The author sounded familiar too — Marc Acito. Marc Acito He was still on my email list, so I sent him a cyber-congratulations. Then I watched as rave reviews of his book appeared in People, the New York Times, EW, and every other major fricking media outlet in the known universe to date, none of my six books have been reviewed in any of those outlets, although an EW critic once went bananas for one of my books…and then promptly got fired before he could write a review.

I picked up a copy of How I Paid For College, which is a crazy, campy, gay-ish romp through the s as our hero connives and schemes a way to, well, pay for college. I loved it, but what stood out the most were its hilarious one-liners. I immediately began to think of Marc as Master of the One-Liner. Then it occurred to me: I write this column every month or so. Would Marc be willing to talk to me about his books and his sense of humor? And so, the circle is complete: You have excellent taste. And are undoubtedly well-hung. What are your five favorites of your own one-liners?

This is no time for modesty!

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