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They would sometimes invite me upstairs and their mom would serve us ice cream in a cone. I watched her wrap Christmas presents and what I observed there I still use to wrap presents today. It is amazing what small impressions remain with you throughout life. Next door on the corner at the road intersection was the Crowley Grocery. We also got ham from the country. They always had big empty cardboard boxes that they discarded out back and I would retrieve them and make box houses on our front porch which was just behind the store. Upstairs over the store was the Masonic Lodge. That was another mysterious place as we were never allowed in there and did not know what happened there.

My Dad was a Mason but he never talked about it.

I remember one day he got stopped by tbues highway patrolman for speeding and when he saw Dad's Masonic ring he just signaled and let him go with out a ticket. Across the street on the same side was the Jake Tapp's Garage. I would go in there with my dad and he would play this game with coke bottles with Nudf friends. The bottles had city names where they were made on the bottom and were placed in this machine that was flat on top. You would put a nickel in and slide the coke out the side. The person that had the coke with the least distance away had to pay for everyone else's coke. We would then get a package of peanuts and pour them into the coke bottle, drinking the coke letting the nuts into our mouths.

It was such a sensation that I want to go and do that right now. They had a battery charger there and we used it on occasion. South of the intersection is where the Poole Milling Company was located. I still remember the aroma of the grinding of the corn.

Red worked there one summer, but I don't know what he did. Across the street was the Russell's garage and back off the adjoining side street is where the black family lived. Every summer the churches conducted Vacation Bible School and they were always a fun time to get together with friends. They usually ended with a field trip somewhere. Back across the street from the school was a place called Linger Longer. It was once a roadhouse but since converted into a general store. Sometime we would take our lunch money and buy something there.

Usually for me it was sweet rolls or a candy bar and a Double Cola. The houses were mostly single story with large porches out front.

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Most every one had a swing playimg the porch and could be seen tybes resting in the evenings. They all had big trees and nice green lawns. I remember most people used coal for heating in the winter and there was sometimes a haze over parts of the town. People walking by would usually stop and chat for awhile. Poile moved slowly and we had time to do everything. One farmer parked his Model T Ford or some Nuds car next to our ooole and I was always looking into it and thinking about yubes it for a drive. The town was made up of mostly pretty healthy people, young and playingg. Occasionally an elder would pass away and the arrangements were so different from today. The body would be taken to plajing funeral home for embalming then returned to their home where they were placed on display for two or three days with an open casket.

On the other side of that the best celebrations were when there was a chivaree. That was a surprise gathering at the house of a newly wedded couple. It was expected but unannounced and the pair would be prepared with refreshments. Years later at Marjorie's chivaree, James Ashby set off a couple sticks of dynamite that startled everyone and shook up the house. That summer I met several friends that lived near by. There was Bill, Shirley and Thorntonall who were in the second grade and I was in the third. Walking to school that first day they convinced me I should go to the second grade and we could all be together.

It sounded like a great idea, however that didn't work our either. I remember that my sister Evelyn would often carry my school books home so I could play with the boys on the way. Poole School was a twelve grade school that averaged about twelve to fifteen students per class. We had two school busses with one going east toward Sebree then south just short of Petersburg. The other bus went south then west toward Tildon. People living in town were not was allowed to ride the bus. After completing the third grade we moved to the country so Dad could be close to his work.

This house was on the James Ashby farm and had not been occupied for I don't know how many years.

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