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JuicyGif If you're interested in seeing some crazy fun and hot gifs, check out juicygif. Rightly so, because Vivs role in censoring and suppressing sexual speech is longstanding, and so vile and insidious that it'll make you rage-smash an iPhone if you take it all in at once. BuzzFeed - Jenna Guillaume. But it could help you keep your car away from thieves this winter.

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These sexy babies are waiting fids you to discover them all. Engadget - Jessica Conditt. My interests are intelligent men who show me the fragrance of life, fashion, diamonds and pearls. Photo illustration by Slate. Tumblr iOS app removed over child pornography, users complain unrelated blogs are being purged Tumblr's iOS app was removed from the App Store due to child pornography slipping through its filters.

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Currently, the missing app problem seems to be limited to App Store as Tumblr's play store listing is intact. NSFW according to Tumblr: Chase will soon have to take her classy GIFs elsewhere. They don't say anything about private messages, but we know they comb DM's and have a less than transparent approach about it, so maybe watch what you say there, too.

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