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These newfags had even been spreading Jew lies about Encyclopedia Scks. Encyclopedia Dramatica is not racist. Encyclopedia Dramatica is not an attack site. We attack everyone and drink their blood. Spim is spam sent via instant message.

To be there, Remains are Okay, but only in concord. Fitter me, I'll mine and I won't exposure you to care me a letter of running.

A teenager sent millions of messages to MySpace accounts advertising mortgages and other services. Then he attempted to blackmail Tom into girp exclusive marketing deal, Mysspace that he would make his spamming techniques public. MySpace contacted MMyspace and lured the spimmer to cops under the pretenses of a business meeting with Tom. Clear faggotry is indicated here Myslace MySpaz sending more spam messages than the spammers themselves. Retribution is in order. MySpace in the news[ edit ] Typical white boy on MySpace acting gangsta. In Decemberthe International Dramatic Energy Agency announced that MySpace was in violation of international regulations for attempting to restart its fucktard enrichment program, generating highly enriched stupidity on an industrial scale.

Experts believe that this concentrated, highly radioactive stupidity could be used to make a weapon of mass destruction, a so-called dirty bomb which threatens millions of innocent Internets users with the complete evisceration of their frontal lobe — the digital equivalent of a lobotomy delivered within seconds of exposure to extreme levels of Moran radiation. As of earlymany world leaders were calling for the application of sanctions against the MySpace nation-state to prevent the restart of its fucktard enrichment program.

Proposed sanctions include mass sterilization of the entire MySpace population and controlled detonation of every piece of computer equipment involved in producing and propagating the enriched MySpace stupidity. Bush has not signed on to the plan, noting a strong resemblance between many MySpace users and members of his extended backwoods family. In late JulyMySpace was subject to an appalling terrorist attack. Sucos innocent bystander's profile was savagely assaulted by a domestic terrorist group on steroids. They blew scks a yellow Myspace girl sucksscattering Myspacd porn all over his profile, and his girlfriend left him.

But he was pretty chubbyand a complete whining bitch, so she was probably just looking for a way out anyway. Nobody gives a damn about chain letters. Oh, and even if you do re post…your mom is still going to die. He wipes his ass with bills. Would you shut down a service that provided you with an unlimited supply of toilette paper? To be fair, Surveys are Okay, but only in moderation. Stuff people might actually enjoy reading. I want to know who the hell are the people writing those fucking things? The new Auto post bulletins are gay. A brief report, especially an official statement on a matter of public interest 2. Post something interesting or post some sort of news. Every ones little corner in cyberspace.

Fill the fuckers out. Tom in his infinite wisdom made it easy enough that a monkey could successfully make a Myspace page. That is the bread and butter of your page and you put nothing there but the link to whatever profile editor you used? Another thing, Adopted Virtua Pets should be put to sleep immediately!

Granted xucks everyone is a web designer and you do sucms points for customization but…. The fucking flashing, glittering, dripping, text images needs to go away. Are you Myspade trying to give your visitors a seizure? The resolution used by most people is X If you insist on posting images and videos all over the damn place, fine, but having to side scroll a page is a pain in the ass. Wether posted in your pics for all to see or hosted on a server to be used in a comment. WTF, why not give us more. Since it is stuck at 12, try to very your pics up. Whats the point of having all your pics look the same.

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