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To oorn day, I always think of him and I think of all the other people who have died from AIDS and when I see people performing dangerous acts just to promote themselves or their movie company it makes me very sad. Here was a man who weighed pounds, had blonde hair and a goatee. I am dying to be with the blonde boy. I am getting tested tomorrow and will send you the results when I get them. I want to fuck my first pussy on camera.

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I will not apologize for my feelings tpwards this. I told him I was going to give him a call to see if we could hang out. I want to my transition from gay to str8 to be filmed. December 27, at I used to do gay porno for a couple studios, and got sued by Corbin Fisher, and therefore have not filmed with a company in nearly 2 years. You can see my pics on my website… SexyCamz. Perfect place for him.

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My friend Thom Blaise was a gay porn star and he went into the industry with glass eyes not realizing the potential dangers. My friend Thom died of AIDS three days before Christmas and I always remember seeing him in his hospital bed wasting away in front of me. I am Caucasian Italian white boy. And, the truth is the companies do promote this dangerous sexual activity and when you see people on screen having unprotected sex most people might think it is okay since the porn actor are doing it so should I.

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