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Hueytown parent recognizes umpire at child's softball game as a convicted sex offender

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High on April More than girls play softball at Allison Bonnet Park. Natalie Mowbray is softblal president of the Taylorsville fast-pitch softball league. To the best of my knowledge, the police do not have a suspect in custody. Charlie Burton, Commissioner of Hueytown Fastpitch Softball says, "One of the parents happened to observe him and said I think this guy is a possible sex offender.

Email MURRAY, Utah — A softball community is on high alert after learning police are investigating a possible sexual assault after a high school softball game. Hueytown parent recognizes umpire at child's softball game as a convicted sex offender by Sherrie Evans AA A parent recognizes the umpire at a girl's softball game as a convicted sex offender. The Hueytown Fastpitch Softball Commissioner says a national group assigned him. Police said it occurred in the restrooms at the Murray softball fields behind Riverview Jr.

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That organization was firls immediately. Just don't do it, obey the law, obey the rules, don't go where you're suppose to. We are asking for each parent to please stay at the Murray fields during warms ups and games to help us keep everyone safe. Please share the information, you feel is appropriate, with your children. I do not have additional details at this time.

He's now out of world on most. It was very to me tight that a app was sexually demented in the restrooms on High End He was hoping for 8-year-olds.

I take the responsibility for the safety of your children very softba,l and have tried to build a community event where they are safe. From my understanding, they didn't have to have a background check for Utrip. He was umpiring for 8-year-olds. This type of violence is despicable and the location of this incident brings it close to home for all of us. And while that umpire is off the field, parents are worried this situation could be happening in other ballparks. The police are actively investigating the crime.

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