Research papers on sexual harassment

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Sexual Harassment

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In the first study, college women Researfh asked to imagine how they would respond to being Reesearch sexist questions during a job interview. Asking sexist questions in an interview Hitlan et al. For instance, much of the early work on sexual harassment in the field sciences was either interviews or autoethnography, particularly among cultural anthropologists, who often conduct their field work alone e. Laboratory experiments can also provide a snapshot of how women might respond in a sexually harassing situation.

On Research sexual harassment papers

Nonetheless, decades of research using these methods have yielded a considerable body of research that strongly suggests that what the formal law is and what people understand it to be are often quite far apart; that using formal systems to make claims about wrongs done to them is a very difficult thing for most people to do, though it can be empowering and produce social change; and that laws and the legal system typically support existing power structures rather than fundamentally reshape them Research papers on sexual harassment ; Edelman ; Berrey, Nelson, and Nielsen In the second study, women participated in what they thought to be an actual job interview where such questions were asked.

Also, experiments provide a snapshot of only one moment of time, providing a single look at behaviors and responses. Qualitative research can also be conducted in focus groups, bringing together similar constituencies in order to facilitate conversations among participants. Cantalupo and Kidder find more physical as opposed to verbal harassment conduct and more evidence of serial harassers in documented complaints than survey researchers have found, for example. Juliano and Schwab found that the most successful cases involved sexual conduct directed at a specific target in a mostly male workplace that the target had complained about but which the employer had failed to respond to with any formal process Juliano and Schwab Sociolegal scholars are, of course, attentive to what formal rules and laws actually exist with sexual harassment, it is Title VII and Title IX doctrinesbut a starting approach is to presume that what law is and how it works is much more complex than doctrinal study alone can reveal.

Ethnography is a systematic way of participating and observing in particular settings or cultures to answer research questions about the intersection of culture and lived experience, where autoethnography invites researchers to reflect on their personal experiences, and connect those experiences to a wider research question. Participants in experiments are often college students who have limited work experience and diversity primarily white, middle class, under the age of Sociolegal research methods tend to be based in the empirical, observational social sciences supported by legal research. Several social science disciplines also use ethnographic or autoethnographic methods.

Page 36 Share Cite Suggested Citation: Qualitative approaches are widely recognized as the method of choice for generating insight into complex phenomena, the contexts in which they occur, and their consequences Cho, Crenshaw, and McCall Confidential settlements, Researvh agreements, confidential notations in an sexyal or employment record, and dispositions of complaints that are not written down are all outcomes that cannot be studied, tracked, counted, or assessed. Case study data is often collected via interview, the difference being that rather than interviewing a large enough number to achieve saturation, a researcher will go for greater depth with each participant to construct a more detailed narrative e.

Surveys and accounts from litigants in sexual harassment cases suggest that the worst cases of sexual harassment are not isolated incidents, but something that takes place over a period of time Cantalupo and Kidder abwhich experiments cannot assess.

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