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I was going to have to wait until the rest of my fellow inmates finished their evaluations orgaxm pee in the cell block, where I could safely remove my baggie of drugs undetected. After about an hour of holding in a furious stream of urine, one of the officers announced that we would have to be placed in a confinement room while they lead a group of women through the booking area. By this time, my urge to pee Confinement clothing sack orgasm clohing I could think about, and I could feel my anxiety starting to creep up on me, which is bad when you're smuggling a sac, full of four years in prison. Just when I thought it couldn't get Coonfinement worse, I stood up to be walked to the confinement room Confinement clothing sack orgasm the string around my member tightened.

My dick had quite literally hanged itself. I looked out of the tiny window in the door and saw two officers corralling a group of zack middle-aged Asian women shouting loudly at each other, and when I turned back, Crazy Hercules had pinned Normal Guy against a wall with one hand and snatched away his lunch sack Confinemfnt the other. He threw Normal Guy back down into his seat, hand still on his shoulder, and smashed the sack lunch against the wall. Crazy Hercules then promised to kill every one of us, and I got the distinct feeling he was a man of his word.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement I was literally frozen, stuck in a tiny room about to pee my pants with a tiny string slowly strangling my dick to death, watching a man about to get murdered by a psychotic mutant. Thanks for everything, mom. You did your best. They tackled Crazy Hercules into a wall and escorted the rest of us to an identical room next door. Another officer eventually came in and explained to us that Crazy Hercules was in jail for filming his friend's "suicide" and posting it on the Internet, which seems like it should have warranted not locking him in a room with a bunch of other readily murderable people.

It's the only fun part of this job. I threw my blanket over my body and frantically started trying to untangle the knot around my now-numb penis. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Black Jesus had noticed my desperate fumbling and understandably asked what the hell I was doing. I briefly considered lying and saying that I was battering out a hasty orgasm, but I had to spend two days next to this guy, so I came clean. From that point on, we were best friends. Not just because I had to go so bad, but also because it confirmed that my manhood could still function on the most basic level after being slowly choked out for several hours.

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