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StoryCorps In Kansas City: Transgender Woman Recognizes Identity As Gift, Not Disability

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Thea Indigenous, transgender tranwgender using women-specific services, but not fully engaging due to this discrimination: A lot of other women will have issues with transgendered people and they'll say stupid things like oh you're a man. Why are you here? Or they'll say, you don't have to act like a fag just to get women's services.

I usually only access them if I need it. Participants also reported harassment from cisgender women in supported housing buildings. When I first lived at [supported housing] there was some woman that disrespected Andrea transgender kansas in every way, [saying] I shouldn't be there, I have no right being there and they were gonna sign a petition for us trans people not to live there. Similar experiences were reported at housing shelters. Jarrah White, woman described physical violence in the shelter: They have that rule where you do not step in and take care of business, which to me is totally wrong. Both Thea and Jarrah discussed how lack of staff intervention made them feel unsafe.

These examples of cisgender women comfortably engaging in discrimination, and not being held accountable by staff, illustrate the power imbalances between cisgender women and trans women and two-spirit persons in the services. Discussion Some participants reported that they were denied access to services because of gender identity or because they were not performing their gender in ways deemed appropriate. These exclusions increased vulnerability to negative health outcomes, including sexual assault and avoidance of services.

As Sakamoto et al. Participants also reported that staff did not intervene when they experienced discrimination from cisgender service users. Perhaps this was due to policies around staff safety, which Jarrah mentioned, or perhaps it was related to a lack of staff training and knowledge of trans-related issues as described in other settings.

Kansas Andrea transgender

Within this context trans kansaw and transfeminine persons kanas perceived to violate gender norms and are subject to continual gender policing. For those interested in trasgender in a feminine manner, poverty and economic transgeneer make this requirement highly unattainable given the costs of make-up, electrolysis, hormones, and so on. Trans women and two-spirit persons often lost the ability to self-identify their gender because their identity was defined by staff transgrnder determined whether they could access the service. In other settings trans women also reported that they were denied access to women's homeless shelters if they were not taking hormones, or if they did not have a feminine gender Andrea transgender kansas.

This is an unverified claim that Andfea used to justify the exclusion and marginalization of trans women from services more broadly 36 and to prioritize the safety and health of cisgender women over trans persons 3337 as demonstrated by the Bill C The Conservative-led Senate recently amended the bill to prevent it from applying to public spaces, including bathrooms, in the name of protecting cisgender women; a move that effectively destroyed the bill. Trans people, like cisgender people, have a wide range of gender expression; however, cisgender women are not required to have a feminine gender expression to access women's services.

In addition, the notion of gender transition as a linear process from one sex to another is rooted in rigid understandings of two mutually exclusive sexes that have polarized characteristics. Thus, it is vital that services implement policies of respecting self-identified gender. Thus, it is imperative that trans-inclusive policies that respect trans and two-spirit persons' self-identified gender are established and enforced in women-specific services. Also including a gender-inclusive policy on intake forms would signal to all service users that trans and two-spirit persons are welcome and that staff will intervene in any harassment. All of the exclusions that trans participants described are illegal under the BC Human Rights Code 43 with a narrow possible exception for women-only services, which have sought and obtained exclusions from section 8 of the code.

However, section 41 of the Code contains an exemption that permits not-for-profit organizations to grant preference to members of identifiable vulnerable groups in the provision of services under certain circumstances. Organizations seeking to exclude trans women must apply for and be granted an exemption from the operation of the Code. As such, services and organizations should be made aware that excluding trans persons, for any reason, and allowing discrimination to occur in their spaces is illegal. Limitations The study findings may not be generalizable to other settings given the great heterogeneity of trans women and two-spirit peoples. Future research would also do well to incorporate the experiences of staff and cisgender service users in women-specific services to contribute to a more comprehensive examination of how gender-inclusive policies play out for trans and two-spirit persons.

Lastly, data were based on self-report and may be susceptible to response biases. Conclusion Participants in our study relied upon services for their health and safety and, therefore, exclusion from women-specific services had potentially severe adverse consequences such as homelessness and sexual violence. The potential costs of excluding trans women and two-spirit peoples from health and housing services include increased HIV vulnerability through reduced access to HIV prevention services, and through homelessness and social exclusion that are structural risk factors for HIV.

Acknowledgments We trasngender all those who contributed their time and expertise to this project, particularly the participants, research assistants, community advisory board members, and partner agencies. We kansaas also like to thank the two anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments and engagement with our work. This research was supported by operating grants from the U. At the time of the research T. Author Disclosure Statement No competing financial interests exist. This territory is unceded, which means Indigenous peoples never surrendered this land. Being Safe, Being Me: Reported emergency department avoidance, use, and experiences of transgender persons in Ontario, Canada: Results from a respondent-driven sampling survey.

Ann Emerg Med ; Special issue on homelessness and the transgender homeless population. J Gay Lesbian Mental Health ; Injustice at Every Turn: Experiences of transgender-related discrimination and implications for health: Results from the Virginia transgender health initiative study. Am J Public Health ; That changed under President Barack Obama's administration.

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The military announced in that transgender individuals already serving in the military would be allowed to serve openly. And the military set July 1,as the date when transgender individuals would be allowed to enlist. But President Donald Trump's administration delayed the enlistment date, saying the issue needed further study. While that study was ongoing, the president tweeted in late July that the government would not allow "Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U. Groups representing transgender individuals responded by suing the administration in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Washington state and California.

I walked up to people at random in parking lots and public places, and asked them if they would mind answering a few questions about transgender — what they knew, what they thought, and if they knew anyone who was transgender. Credit Courtesy of the Kansas Statewide Transgender Education Project Mott said many of the people she met knew someone who was transgender and was struggling. The organization's goal of ending discrimination felt particularly relevant this year. In February, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback rescinded an executive ordersigned by his predecessor Kathleen Sebelius inprotecting LGBT state employees from discrimination.

That put openly transgender state employees in a precarious position. Mott hopes to schedule it in Topeka.

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