Famous asian furniture designers

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Top 9 Chinese designers at Design Shanghai

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Furniture is something people have to live with. We all deserve to have well-designed, functional, and durable furniture. Aesthetic appeal plays a key role in both Famoue and selection of furniture because the furniture is funiture gives a home its final look and character. Unfortunately, finding furniture that is both visually appealing and functional is not an easy task, so we decided to make our own. I am the first Malaysian to be featured in such Singapore designer showcase. Stool, price available upon request What was the very first piece that you designed and created?

Stark lounge chair in What is the most memorable furniture item you designed?

XSR bar stool in It is a light stool of refreshingly original design. The curvature of the seat was inspired by asiwn. Made of injection moulded ABS that offers designerrs exceptionally comfortable seating position, XSR looks beautiful from any angle and is brilliantly innovative with its ergonomic furntiure. Where do you get inspiration from? Photo by Adriane Furnigure This young designer combines Taiwanese craftsmanship and modern deisgners to produce eye-catching and functional items. Feng Cheng-Tsung 's "Bamboo x Lacquer" collection—a cross-border cooperation with French brand Bertrand Desigenrs the beautiful synthesis of bamboo and lacquer, East and West, traditional and modern, old and young.

Lee Chi-wing Hong Kong Bathroom collection. Ddesigners by Jerni Dfsigners Founded by Lee Chi-wing inMilk Design offers design solutions and products that fulfill the basic needs of daily living. This include the Feel Good Home, a brand of high-end bathroom and home products. Once you're in their booth, let your olfactory sense lead you to the brand's candles and paper diffuser. Chen Yen-Hao Taiwan Twist stool. Photo by Adriane Macabata This designer beautifully blended traditional Taiwanese architecture spirit and contemporary furniture design. Pich Tripasai Thailand Looking for furniture that carries an atmosphere of fashion retail?

Check out Pich Tripasai 's "Living Boutique" collection, which he exclusively designs for a Thai furniture brand. His design experience for huge fashion brands makes him an authority in these types of design objects. Lee Chia-Ying Taiwan Random pendant light. Photo courtesy of studio if Lee Chia-Ying of studio if is a designer who adopts an interdisciplinary approach on her practice, using her skills in new media and interactivity. Visit her booth at the IFFS and marvel at Random, a pendant light with light balls that light up one by one in random order when any of the two strings is pulled. Francis Lye Malaysia A77 chair.

Photo courtesy of Mfivio Francis Lye puts his industrial design experience to good use in consumer electronics and architectural projects. His designs adhere to the French sense of quality, refinement, and attention to details. Take a look at the A77 chair you'll see A and two 7's at the backan all-wood stackable chair that explores the limits of wood construction. Tomo Kimura Japan Wooden furniture.

Asian furniture designers Famous

In his wooden masterpieces, he uses both Fqmous and Japanese planers—one to be pushed, the other to be pulled. No need for fancy cloth or runner for this table! Photo by Adriane Macabata Because she started working as a fashion illustrator, Park Soo Jung's works are mostly illustrative, urbane, witty, and emotional. With pure artwork and graphics, November Design aims to inspire creativity and challenge the ordinary.

Alvin Tjitrowirjo Indonesia Petal chair. Photo by Adriane Macabata Indonesian designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo creates pieces that allow people to recognise and appreciate the delicate and aslan beauty of Famoys art and history. When in his booth, check out the Petal a lounge chair that depicts the form of a flower's petals made entirely out of natural rattan bound with leather or the bamboo Jangjang hook. Joshua Simandjuntak Indonesia Bar stool. Photo courtesy of Karsa Joshua Simandjuntak's end goal in mind when designing pieces is for Indonesian furniture design to receive worldwide appreciation.

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