Vintage wedding band enhancer

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Finding the Right Enhancer for Your Ring It can be overwhelming to choose the perfect enhancer to fit your style and boost the appearance of your current solitaire ring.

It is the most expensive of the precious metals, as it is the rarest of wddding. Inclusions are not visible bqnd the naked eye and difficult to see even under magnification Cubic Zirconia A hard, durable synthesized material with the visual likeness of a diamond. Quality Grade is AAA: Dual wrap These enhancers, sometimes called a guard or insert, sit on either side of the engagement ring, giving the effect of having three bands. Baguette and tapered baguette diamonds or gemstones can add a modern, refined look to princess and emerald-cut center stones.

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Platinum is extremely strong and durable. Size We always recommend buying jewelry in person. We suggest trying your engagement ring on with a variety of different enhancers to see what looks best to you. Remember you can always have the ring or bands resized.

Moissanite Moissanite is an incredibly rare substance, originating from meteorites. A diamond with more carats can support larger side stones eedding more elaborate ring enhancers. You might be surprised to find that adding a bit of color to the ring design really makes the center stone pop. Balance Consider the size of your center stone when deciding what you want the enhancer rings to look like.

Wedding enhancer Vintage band

Vinrage Its unique attributes make it the best value priced substitute to a genuine diamond. Full and partial ring guards create a balanced look and can add a lot of shine to any type of center stone. Stop by the Janvier Jewelers store in Newark, Delaware or call any time. Can you bend your finger normally with the wider band? It is one of the hardest substances known. Color Grade is D:

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