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Destroy every thrust into her face her head banged against the elite of the car, and she toured relentlessly with the nuclear stick wuth looking impossibly deep in her busty ass. He thorough it never against her side hole until it forbade way and it very inside. She decorated her famous back to see what he was watching to her, and saw his butt encircling the water handle of a criminal night stick.

She pounded her fists into the Fuckd in torment as the first orgasm shook through her. You're not going anywhere for awhile. He pulled her legs apart and roughly shoved his massive hand under her short skirt. The night stick was still slick with her cream.

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There were only three inches of the night stick left outside of Maggie's ass. His eyes stayed locked on hers for much longer than they should have. He then pushed the night stick against her second gateway until it could bear the pressure no more. He bent forward and spat unceremoniously on her puckered ass.

Her pussy was quickly turning slick with the helpless juices he was drawing out from it. She couldn't help herself. Maggie brought the Mustang to a halt and reached for her handbag. He had no idea what he was messing with.

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Maggie howled and dropped to inght knees, the night wit skewering her. This night stick is seventeen inches long to the hilt. She'd seen how long that stick was, and known not even half of it had been inside her cunt when it was slamming against her womb. She collapsed onto one side in the dirt by her front tire. He ground his crotch against her thigh so she'd know it was there while he pushed the stick deeper into her ass. She turned her head back at him and looked him squarely in the eyes.

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