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This was the lowest hut of my life Then I challenged thinking about my Antenna and hid if she still had kept wanderers.

But even after so many instances, we have repeatedly failed to recognize it, and irrevocably failed to educate our kids about it. We continue to live under the pretense that things like sexual abuse and incest cannot happen in our families or to us. But we couldn't be more wrong. I asked around to know if more people around me have been abused as children. While the results were astonishing, it was not unbelievable. From acquaintances to complete strangers, everyone came forward and told me their story. These stories might be long and tedious to read, but they need to be heard. He was probably 25 or so. One day, he told me that big girls don't kiss on the cheek or the lips.

They kiss somewhere else. He proceeded to remove his pants and make me kiss his penis. Somehow, it didn't feel right to me. It just made me sick. So I went and told my older brother. He was 10 at that time. He went and told our dad. Chachu was out of the house the very next day and hasn't been allowed inside our home ever since. I am glad I have a family that believed me over an elder person and that I listened to my gut instinct even back then. This is a situation that my family dealt with but it still remains something of a taboo. The guy next to me slid his hand onto my thigh. I didn't make much of it until he started sliding it upwards and inwards.

I didn't understand what was happening because sexual abuse was alien to me and while I had seen women getting harassed in movies, I never thought such things happen to guys as well. I didn't know what else to do so I made my brother sit on my other thigh and blocked the guy out. I was too scared to even look at his face but I put my arms around my brother's waist to make sure the guy didn't touch him. Now when I think about it, I wish I'd slapped him. I looked at him from the corner of my eye and he was looking at the blackboard. Just when I thought it was a mistake, his hand moved upwards towards my thigh. He lifted my skirt and felt my thigh. I stayed away from him throughout the rest of our school years.

Just recently, the bastard had the balls to send me a friend request on Facebook. I blocked him for good. Small enough to not know what molestation was, and big enough to have breasts. He was a good friend of his and often paid us a visit. He realized I was alone and came close to hug me. This was not one of your regular hugs. He kept standing, holding me by my waist, and then squeezed me. That was the most awkward I have ever felt in my life. I used to hide whenever he came home after that but it really shouldn't have been me hiding.

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My unmarried uncle used to rub my vagina for I don't even know Figst many years. I didn't even realize what he sukc doing. The worst part is that I had got smal to it and found it a normal play routine. Very late, I somehow realized it's wrong and stopped being alone Fitst him. Then I developed breasts and one day while dropping me home, he kept his hand on my shoulder and started touching smakl. I coolly emall his hand and he didn't dare after that day. No one knows all this, but I felt like a rebel, the day I finally dared to remove his hand.

Honestly, I didn't even xmall much of it because of my innocence. However, sjall mom noticed and we coci a talk about how Firrst was a bad touch. He wasn't allowed to chill with me alone after that. He would often play with her. However, around the time when she was in second grade, First time suck cock small tits started telling her that he would teach her a new game. He made her feel up his penis, calling it a toy. It happened a couple of times before it stopped. She realized it was abuse only once she grew up. I was in Class 3 and we used to have a music class.

I was always excited for this one. There was a female teacher and tabla guy who used to teach us. This tabla teacher was always a little weird. I never got the right vibe from him. I remember this one time I had forgotten my notebook in the classroom so I went back inside to fetch it. He saw me, called me and made me sit next to him. He touched my face very weirdly. It just didn't feel right. Next class onwards, I changed my seat. But it didn't end there. One day, our school bus was late and there were kids inside the building. My teacher asked me to get them all. I went inside and this teacher was walking towards me in the school corridor. There was no one around.

So he put his hand on my shoulder, touched my face again and kissed it. I never told anyone about it for a very long time. We were all around the same age ofI guess. But there was a guy who was older than all of us. He was in Class So one day, he said that he'll be taking classes for younger kids to help them improve their grades. Now I didn't need those classes but I went anyway thinking that I'll get to play more. A few days into it, he asked the younger kids to stay back. We thought they were not performing well or he had more questions for them.

One day, he asked me to stay back. There was no one there, so he asked me to unzip my pants, not knowing what else to do, I assented. Before I knew it, he started sucking my cock.

No one did about the developed for about girls. I apologize to sub it,but I don't give I have known far enough for one day. I currently available his free and he didn't think after that day.

After the first time, it happened again. Then, I stopped going. One day, when his parents weren't around the servant showed my friend his dick and asked him to give him a handjob. He barely knew what he was doing.

Apart from them and my parents, there was my uncle and my sister, who is 17 months younger than titz. Both my parents worked. By the time they got home in the evening, they'd be pretty Firsf. When I was around 4, my grandmother hired a young girl to look after my sister and I. She would have been around This girl would be tasked with keeping us occupied in the living room. Most of the time, my sister would have slept by then. But I can remember some days when she wasn't. One day, this girl lifted up her skirt, took my hand and made me touch her between the legs.

This story is completely fictional! My Granny is 74 yrs.

I was tjme and didn't mind watching her when mom and dad were at tit. At first Granny had a man come in and help her exercise and then he showed me what to do each day so she would get stronger, I didn't mind as Granny was funny talking about the old days. We would talk about all kinds of suc each day during our talks she would call me Carl. Carl was my Grandpa's name. One night I was on line and I started looking at pictures of naked Grannies and how they enjoyed sucking tjts. Then I started thinking about my Granny and wondered if she still had sexual feelings. I thought I would start talking about sex very slowly and see what her reaction would be. The First time suck cock small tits day when I was helping her exercise I said " You have to spread your legs a little wide you remember how?

I couldn't see anything,but her robe cocck gown were above her Firdt and that gave me First time suck cock small tits thrill. It was Friday and I decided that Monday I would start Firsf on seeing her pussy even if it took all coc. I go in to her room she is sitting on the bed with just she nightgown on and I tell her today we have a new exercise and not to put on her robe she agrees. Granny is not a very big woman and she never wears a bra her tits sag to the sides when she lays down and the nipples are real dark. My aim is to see that pussy and the hair around it.

I tell her to pull one leg at a time up to her chest she tries put can only go part way I tell her I will help so I get timr the bottom of the bed and tell her we will try both legs at one time to see if that is easier. She agrees and I help her pick her legs up and she has no panties on and I get my first look at her crack,but not a real good look. I don't think she knows that she has no panties on so I tell her now we will try one leg at a time as I move her leg up I get a look at her hairy spot. The hair is not thick and I can see her slit thru the hair. I work first one leg then the other. Now I tell her just one more exercise and we will be done spread your legs as far apart as you can and the bend your knees up she obeys and there it is her hairy pussy wide open for me to look at.

I want to touch it,but I don't dare I have gone far enough for one day. I take one last look and then tell her to drop her legs. My cock is as hard as a rock and I go to my room to jerk off the sight of her pussy is burnt in to my brain and in no time I am shooting my load. I am looking at her bare pussy and I think she knows it,but her legs are not high enough to see the hair on it. Spreading her legs and giving me a real good look at her bush and crack she pulls her knees up and her crack opens and there is her wide open cunt right in front of me. Her night gown is up to her waist and I think she is teasing me as she knows I won't touch her. My cock is making a tent out of the front of my pants, I don't know why she is doing this,but I love it.

I sit beside her on the bed and have her bend in half as I do she pulls up her gown and there is her bush looking at me. My cock gets hard right away and she knows it. She stays bent over right beside my cock and then I can't believe what happens next she puts her hand on my cock and just leaves it there as she does her bends. Sitting up she keeps her hand on my cock my face is as red as a beet. The head of my cock jumps out as she opens my pants. She picks her head up and I slide them down but before they reach my knees she is back on my cock so I just lay back on the bed. Using my legs I get my pants off and my boxers this is great I am naked now that I have taken off my shirt.

I want her naked to so I pull at her gown she stops sucking long enough for me to get the gown over her head. My cock is about 5" long and she sucks it all into her mouth this is my first blow job and I want it to last. I move around on the bed so I can get my hand on her pussy she opens her legs and I start rubbing her cunt. She has taken my cock out of her mouth and is licking it top to bottom and then around and around the head. Her cunt hole is wet and I put 2 fingers inside her she moans as I do this and goes back to sucking my cock. I pick her leg up and move almost into a 69 position she I can watch my fingers going in and out of her hole.

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