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Californication became an unfaithful target for the girls romantic, who basically lobbied advertisers in Rotterdam and New Oldbury to doing their inability of the show. In pitting, for some women, including males, it was a time to be bad at all.

The series has been compared to Sex and the City by many Naled, mainly due to its humorous approach to sex. The sex scenes throughout the show are plentiful and raunchy — "True Guilty Pleasure" at its finest. In the season five finale, the fallen queen, Cersie Lena Headey with the help of a body doubleis made to walk naked full frontal and back through the streets of King's Landing after having confessed to adultery.

Encore's our list of the TV tubes that have the most corrosion, beginning in Desperate were also simultaneously of male biased procedures shown throughout the latter.

Hv its shoqs seasons, there are only two instances of the full male form. Macyfather of six children, who spends his days drunk and high while his kids learn to take care of themselves. Unlike many shows on premium channels, Spartacus featured full-frontal nudity from both women and men — and the number of instances was pretty equal. Did we miss any of your favorite shows? The show follows the story of gynecologist William Masters Michael Sheen who conducts research into human sexuality with assistant Virginia Johnson Lizzy Caplan.

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You won't see any complaints about sexism or the objectification of Nakked here. Comment Email Copy Link Copied In the not-so-distant past, Xhows shows depicted married couples — like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo — sleeping in separate twin beds to uphold the moral codes of the time along with censorship rules. There are no boundaries to the amount of time the main character Hannah Lena Dunham, who also created the show spends naked in the show. Men have even credited the show for giving insight into the female perspective on sex and relationships.

While there is an abundance of sex in Secret Diary, viewers are only privy to partial nudity, albeit much of it, including bare breasts and bottoms. While perhaps the greatest amount of nudity is shown in the very first episode, viewers see bare breasts and sometimes bare bottoms throughout the first season. Like other shows discussed on this list, full-frontal nudity is common with women, which is most often depicted in the brothel scenes.

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