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Teachers also regarded the garden to be very effective at enhancing academic performance, physical activity, language arts, and healthy eating habits. Garden-based learning attempts to combat obesity by introducing students to healthy foods and providing opportunities to for outside experiential learning. Reducing stress can result in increased mental health and boosted immune system.

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A boosted immune system means that the human body is stronger and heals more efficiently. This could help patients recovering from all diseases, wounds, illnesses and more. Hospitals and Primary care facilities would be an ideal spot to incorporate garden based learning. Gardening has also been shown to increase scores on environmental attitude surveys of elementary school children. Environmental attitude surveys generally include statements like the ones shown below and give the opportunity to rank those statements with a score of 1—5 Strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree The statements differ in complexity based on the grade level.

Trying to protect the environment is my responsibility. I would come to school on Saturday to plant flowers. Environmental awareness and attitudes toward the environment is also seen to improve especially in urban schools where the garden-based learning programs in the schools may be some of the only times these students can connect with the outdoors away from city streets. Other research has indicated that weekly use of gardening activities and related classroom activities help improve science achievement test scores. The reasoning behind these improvements is connected to the holistic, integrated, hands-on, project based, cooperative and experiential learning activities that are all aspects of garden based education.

Reading is something we all do everyday, it is not just a classroom activity. All of us probably have a point where our reading skills will be challenged, so it can be helpful for learners to see confidence in reading as a spectrum that we are all on. There are plenty of examples of text that is so complex, jargon-ridden and dense that it will be beyond most people, such as scientific journals or complex legal documents. Whatever their level, your learners will have experience of reading and this will inform their attitude to it. Reading is not detached from emotion; for instance, is a letter from the council difficult to understand because of complex vocabulary or fear of the message it may contain?

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Discussing feelings and attitudes to reading can help. Use a variety of texts to appeal to everyone from factual newspaper articles to TV or play scripts or poetry. Whatever text you and or your learners choose, discuss it first so that it has context and becomes familiar. You can anticipate difficult vocabulary and address this first.

Warming up learners by introducing a text will help allay anxieties and support better comprehension of the text, especially if it is quite challenging. Oral fluency is reading aloud accurately and smoothly; it can improve reading comprehension and confidence. Paired reading Audlt full instructions on paired reading activities, go to: You can use the techniques of paired reading where individuals signal if they want to read alone. Repeated reading Reading the same passage again and again over a short period until fluency is achieved. Explicit strategies for supporting reading comprehension skills Less-skilled readers may need help with comprehension strategies that skilled readers use automatically, explicit comprehension strategies include: Useful links and resources for reading for pleasure Booktrust Booktrust is an independent reading and writing charity.

It provides resources and tools to support professionals in helping children and adults alike to learn and grow in their reading and writing journey. Love reading This website provides a set of online tools to help you decide what you might read next, including free 10—page opening extracts of every one of their featured books. Quick Reads Quick Reads are short, exciting books by bestselling writers and celebrities for adults who are new to reading, have lost the reading habit, or who prefer a quick read.

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