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A unified theory of typical and atypical sexual interest in men: Paraphilia, hypersexuality, asexuality, and vanilla Nued outcomes of a single, dual opponent process James M. Over the past five years, clues have continued to accumulate Nude gay men puzzles neuroanatomic and prenatal contributors to the development of atypical sexual interests in men. Although earlier research was often limited to the paraphilias such as pedophilia especially in puzzls settingsfindings are now being reported for a wider range of atypical sexual phenomena, including asexuality especially in civil rights and visibility settings and various forms of hypersexuality especially in clinical settings.

Because these phenomena exist in different contexts, they have been explored largely independently. Rather than being unrelated atypicalities, however, these phenomena may instead represent the possible outcomes of a single mechanism underlying them all. These results typically extend to other measures of sexual interest, such as viewing time and neuroimaging. These data are often produced as psychophysiological evidence that women are uniquely more fluid in their sexual orientation because both genders can provoke sexual response. More recent data, however, suggests that the female sexual response system may be more responsive to cues other than gender, thereby producing a response pattern that appears not to distinguish between genders.

For example, stimulus cues depicting sexual activity and relationship context consistently moderate genital response, and could possibly obscure gender-specific patterns of sexual arousal. I will review the literature on the gender-specific sexual response with an emphasis on the nature of sexually-competent stimulus cues.

These accidental transgressors were emerging on a more basis, over 12 unique mating seasonsand for a right of 1, snap of observation. Which are my clothes of today on a Kinsey geog of substantial orientation?.

I will then present data showing gender-specific genital and subjective sexual arousal in androphilic and gynephilic women and men to prepotent sexual stimuli - depictions of sexually-aroused genitals without relationship or sexual activity context. Vasey University of Lethbridge, ,en Androphilia refers to sexual attraction to adult males, whereas gynephilia refers to sexual attraction to adult females. The manner in which male androphilia manifests varies cross culturally. In many Nue cultures, male androphiles present publically in a highly feminine manner and self-identify as neither men, nor women, but rather as a third gender.

These individuals are often referred to as transgender male androphiles, that is, feminine male androphiles whose gender identity differs from the one they were assigned at birth. Two types of transgender male androphilia exist: The latter occurs when special social roles are culturally sanctioned for transgender male androphiles. Here, we examine what was the ancestral form of transgender male androphilia: If it were possible to establish that one form of transgender male androphilia was associated, more often than not, with sociocultural conditions thought to characterize ancestral humans, then this would bolster the conclusion that that particular form of male transgender male androphilia was ancestral.

With this issue in mind, we identified 55 transgender societies using the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample, which provides a sample of world societies that reduces the problem of non-independence due to cultural diffusion or common cultural derivation.

Puzzles Nude gay men

Of these 55 transgender societies, 16 had role-specialization and 39 had no role specialization for transgender male androphiles. Our results suggest that the two forms of transgender male androphilia evolved at gwy the same time. Gaj, it appears as if transgender androphilic males filled special Nude gay men puzzles roles soon after this trait emerged. These specialized roles appear to reflect certain activity preferences that characterize androphilic males worldwide regardless of cultural context. Examining visual attention patterns of women across the Kinsey scale Samantha J. Collectively, these studies find that men puzzoes to discriminate between their preferred and nonpreferred gender gender-specific much more than women do gender-nonspecific.

While this gender difference is robust, there is substantial within-gender variation in specificity of sexual response, particularly in women. We used eye mn to examine early and late visual attention biases to preferred and nonpreferred gender cues using a forced attention paradigm. Women differed with respect to the exclusivity of their sexual attractions to male androphilia and female gynephilia targets. For late attention, Nude gay men puzzles patterns of visual attention were found for androphilic and gynephilic women, such that Nuds spent a significantly greater amount of time looking at their preferred gaj during each trial.

Self-reported attraction to the male and female targets revealed an identical pattern to what was observed for the late attention measure. These data provide support for the utility of eye-tracking and the forced attention paradigm to detect sexual response patterns that correspond with self-reported attractions in women. The conscious allocation of attention in the forced attention paradigm may represent the guiding process under which women detect, evaluate, and select potential mates i. Sexual fluidity in women and men: What is the relevant time scale? Diamond University of Utah, USA Research over the past decade has produced increasing evidence that both men and women possess a capacity for sexual fluidity, defined as variability in the experience and expression of same-sex and other-sex sexuality over the life course.

Much remains unknown about the phenomenon of sexual fluidity, including the extent of gender differences in fluidity, social and cultural influences on fluidity, and the reasons why some individuals appear to possess a greater capacity for fluidity than others. Yet in order to tackle any of these questions, we must first ensure that we are adequately assessing, describing, and conceptualizing the phenomenon itself. During the early years of research on sexual fluidity, any demonstrable change same-sex and other-sex sexuality was taken as evidence of fluidity.

Yet the task now is to understand what types of changes — over what time scales — are most relevant, and whether experiences of sexual fluidity that operate at different temporal levels moments versus days versus years represent fundamentally different phenomena with different bases, origins, influences, and implications. Androgen exposure and sexual orientation: Neuroandrogenic theory predicts that sexual orientation is basically determined prior to birth by exposing the brain to varying amounts of androgens. In essence, the more androgens, the more one prefers females as sex partners, and the less androgens, the more one prefers males. As a reputed biomarker for prenatal androgen exposure, 2D: Findings have been mixed.

The present study sought additional evidence of prenatal androgenic influences on sexual orientation using a 2D: The five androgen measures were factor analyzed, resulting in a clear two-factor solution: When males and females were analyzed separately, 2D: In fact, it was the muscular coordination factor rather than the bone growth factor that predicted sexual orientation the best. Support was found for neuroandrogenic theory, with one important qualification. To explain this qualification, the theory had to be modified. This study suggests that prenatal androgens contribute to variations in sexual orientation, but in a more complex manner than has been heretofore articulated.

Analyses using sex-specific sociality indicators presented highly similar results.

Phylogenetic comparative analyses indicated RSGC is highly evolutionarily labile, thus none of the correlations aforementioned were significantly affected by phylogenetic inertia, suggesting coevolution of sociality and RSGC. A higher optimum value of male RSGC was identified for catarrhine superfamilies, suggesting increased selection for male RSGC in catarrhines relative to other superfamilies. For females, no specific selection regimes were found for different suborders or superfamilies, suggesting that if directional selection for female RSGC has happened, it was stronger at the family-level or lower.

Finally, the Continuous Parameter Estimation Model was used to estimate which species Nude gay men puzzles stronger associations between sociality and male and female RSGC and to guide future studies. For some individuals, though, group sex may be a distinct erotic or sexual preference, which leads to some of the questions addressed here: Is it possible to discern patterns in arousal and motivation across the extensive variation in practice? Are there psychopathologies involved in a persistent desire for group sex? What might the underlying biological or psychological bases be for strong preferences for group activity?

The evolution and development of adult sexual plasticity Matthew S. While the constraints that require this coordination to be complete at birth are not well understood, the early organization of sexual phenotype has been demonstrated in the vast majority of vertebrates, is the overwhelming rule for mammal development, and results from constraints imposed by the need to coordinate genital and urinary tract development before birth. Through the study of naturally occurring adult sex change, we have been testing the hypothesis that adult sexual plasticity in vertebrates evolved via a two-step process: Empirical support for this hypothesis has been generated for both the gonad and external genitalia.

As non-procreative sex can have non-reproductive benefits, the evolution of human sexual variation should take an approach that is not restricted to an analysis of Nude gay men puzzles success. Male-bonded dyads in the mona monkeys of Grenada, West Indies: Potential for male bisexual behaviour in primates? Vasey University of Lethbridge, Canada In some gregarious primate species, dispersing males may join all-male groups for variable periods of time. Although all-male group members lack breeding opportunities, they may benefit from a social environment in which maturing males can develop their social skills and a potential for bisexual activity.

The free-ranging mona monkeys Cercopithecus mona of Grenada are known to form small all-male groups in which long-term and strongly bonded adult male dyads engage in affiliative and homosexual behaviour. We present preliminary data on the frequency and form of social and socio-sexual interactions within such male dyads, including intense and bidirectional grooming and playing sequences, tail-twining, and genital touching. Such a high level of tolerance among adult males contrasts with the competitive and aggressive interactions characteristic of primate males.

Research on social, socio-sexual, and homosexual behaviour in all-male groups of primates may shed light on the mechanisms and evolution of male bisexuality in humans. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence: And given homosexuality appears to have a variety of biological foundations it seems reasonable to hypothesize that homosexuality is a human universal. However, cross-cultural surveys casts significant doubt on universality. Our goal is to reexamine the HRAF sample of societies used by Broude and Green to determine whether in those five societies where no concept of homosexuality is purported to exist is accurate and to crucially distinguish between absent and rare in the other 41 societies.

By way of background, the SCCS is the most frequently used sample of societies employed by cross-cultural researchers to investigate patterns of behavior and cultural beliefs. In developing the SCCS, Murdock and White selected societies to reduce the probability that they are descended from a common recent ancestor or have had an opportunity for cultural diffusion. This sample scheme allows one to assume that commonalities among societies are not likely the consequence of a shared cultural origin or diffusion through cultural contact, thus representing independently developed patterns of behavior. More importantly, in the 41 societies where homosexuality was coded as rare or absent, our re-examination reveals it is present in at least 27 of those societies.

We conclude by discussing inherent problems faced by researchers in documenting homosexual behavior in non-western societies and the even greater problem in documenting forms of homosexuality. Evidence for erotic target location errors in pedohebephilic men Kevin J. Individuals with such paraphilias are sexually aroused by impersonating their preferred erotic targets either through fantasy or modifications to their body, dress, or behavior. For instance, autogynephilia is a paraphilia in which a man is sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman, and it often manifests in erotic cross-dressing.

Because women are the preferred erotic targets of most men, autogynephilia is the most common form of ETLE and is thus the clearest and most documented example. As preliminary evidence for further wide-ranging validity of ETLEs, Freund and Blanchard observed several pedophilic men who, in addition to their sexual attraction to children, were also sexually aroused by dressing as children or fantasizing about being children and having their bodies. In an Internet survey of pedohebephilic men, we found that autopedophilia, which we use to describe sexual arousal to the idea of being a child, characterized a majority of the men recruited.

In addition to asking about their fantasies and experiences related to autopedophilia, we also asked about those related to other ETLEs such as autogynephilia and about other relevant aspects of their sexuality and personality. Findings will be reported and discussed. One limitation to using these measures of genital response is that they use different scales, making it difficult to draw direct gender comparisons. Participants reported feelings of sexual arousal during each film and genital responses were assessed with thermography and VPP.

Genital responses to the male sexual stimulus were greater when this stimulus was presented first rather than second - this effect was significant for VPP and at a trend-level for thermography. Responses to the neutral and female sexual stimulus, however, did not significantly vary by stimulus order. Implications and important future directions will be discussed. We also investigated whether there were changes in their frequency of sexual activity and the gender s to which they were sexual attracted, fantasized about, and had sexual relations before versus after their castration.

A questionnaire posted on www. Respondents were asked to report retrospectively on their sexuality six months to a year both before and after castration. However, some respondents did report changes. The greatest amount of decrease was found in relationships A small portion of individuals also claimed to have changed to being non-sexual; i. In sum castration may alter the gender preference s in sexual attraction, fantasy and relationship for approximately a third of men who voluntarily undertake the procedure. The empirical status of the preparation hypothesis of female genital responses Martin L.

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