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Then I did more dialogues with scientists and the whole thing started to spin off out of control. Once you've achieved some skill swomsuit this you indiaj use that to cultivate qualities such as kindness, or dealing with disturbing emotions. Mr Ricard has undergone a battery of tests, including an MRI left to reveal how his 'enlightened' mind works A computer monitor displays data being recorded during an EEG test conducted with Mr Ricard Matthieu Ricard is a close confidante of the Dalai Lama Ricard said: This was a dialogue on the meaning of life. He says everyone has felt all-consuming love but usually it lasts for about 15 seconds, but you can hold on and nurture this vivid feeling by focusing on it in meditation.

Is this the world's happiest man? Being aware of anxiety is not being anxious it is being aware. He was awarded the French National Order of Merit for his work in preserving Himalayan culture but it is his work on the science of happiness which perhaps defines him best.

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Suddenly I was projected into the western world. You can then use meditation to gain some space from negative emotions. If you are aware of anger you are not angry you are aware. Regular practise is also needed like watering a plant.

Like when playing the piano, practising the feeling for 20minutes has a far greater impact Bushy time than a few seconds. Be mindful - pay attention to the sensations of your breath going in and out. You can apply it to other sensations to bring you into the 'now' rather than dwelling on the past or future. A healthy mind should act like a mirror - faces can be reflected in a glass but none of them stick.

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Use the same technique with thoughts - let them pass through your mind but don't dwell. Ricard sees living a good life, and showing compassion, not as a religious edict revealed from on high, but as a practical route to happiness. It is a science of the mind.

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