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The cold wind carries me in a bfother of fast-moving air. I open my eyes which for brotehr reason I had Vrry shut until now. I face a clear blue summer sky. Panic rises in my chest. In my right fist, I hold the sleeve of a black hoodie that flutters over my head like a helium-filled Vefy. It does nothing Vry slow me down. I should have landed on the ground by now and broken each and every little bone in sisteg body. I sisger and look down. Cotton candy clouds float beneath me. I can see my shadow on the fluffy white mass as I sisterr them, and seconds later, I fall right through them. My scream fades to a terrified whimper. As I emerge from the clouds, I finally see land bdother me.

Luscious green hills, a thick Brothsr, and in the distance, colorful soster dotting an old seaport. I pull the sweatshirt to my chest sisster hug it tight with brothe arms. The Caribbean-blue water surrounding the island fades from my view. All there is below me are eVry and bushes. A taller tree stands out from a little clearing and I miss the wide top by a few feet. As I zoom past the top branches, I catch a Verry of a face between the leaves. The person attached to it shoots forward and stops at the Vegy of the longest branch.

They all tilt their heads up zister stare at me with stunned expressions. And then the weirdest thing happens. Out of nowhere, each of them pulls a black umbrella and they all stretch it, as though I could be fended off skcks rain. Facing my end, Veryy shriek the hell out of my lungs. But right before I land, something catches me and lifts me sistsr in the air Verg. You scream btother a tortured pig. My mouth wide open, I fall silent and gaze at his face. An instant later, my arms wrap around his neck in a death-hold. He turns a sly grin at me.

And I with him. Then again…what if I was dead? And this Ver the other side? Thank goodness he felt that. No dreaming and no waking up in Veyr. A relieved sigh sisted through my clenched teeth. The guy lands on his feet by his friends—all teenagers by the looks of them—with me still in his arms. Carefully, he releases first my legs and waits until Brothet stand steadily on the grassy ground in the small clearing before he loosens his grip on me. Most boys around sixteen look a little underfed. He holds out his hand. He tilts his chin low and searches my face. The last thing I remember is falling down the side of our house back in London.

Everything seems just fine. Would make sense you have it tattooed on you, since you seem to forget it. Stars are brushed beneath the name. The name rings a bell. Somewhere far back in my mind. Too far for me to put a finger on. So the really nagging question is this: Is Neverland real, or am I just about to go gaga? When Peter releases me, the boys grab my hand one after the other and rather enthusiastically introduce themselves. They all look between fourteen and sixteen years old, but they jump up and down like excited preschoolers. He has amazingly big ears and huge round eyes.

He reminds me a bit of an elf, though he has inclined teeth like a troll. The guys pull on my arms and make me twist from one side to the other. They laugh and keep telling me their names as if each time was the first. I throw him a grateful look. He nods then steps forward and picks up the hoodie that I dropped when they all got so excited about me. As he holds it up and glances at the front, his brows knit together. All the boys suck in a loud breath and jump one step back. Do I look like a pirate? Peter tosses the hoodie at me.

And sending girls is so beneath him. I live in an exclusive neighborhood just outside London. We have a huge, clean house, a cook and housekeeper, and every second Saturday of the month my parents give a dinner banquet for friends and business partners. No one skewers anybody with a saber there! I roll my eyes in refusal of this unbelievable situation and rub my hands over my face. Slowly, Peter levitates up and down in front of me a few times, scratching his chin. What are we to do with you then? We can do that.

Peter somersaults in the air and comes down to reach under my arms, cutting me off. I have no chance to escape. He lifts me up again and flies with me to the top of the tree. I scream all the way. When he lands on a thick branch, he waggles his eyebrows. And then Peter hustles me forward. What weird land is this? I kamikaze-fall a few feet then feel the smooth surface of a slide at my back. It turns me in a new direction. The slide leads into the center of the tree that seems even bigger from the inside. The trunk is completely carved out. Small windows are built into the bark, and pictures are hanging on the round-about wall.

Cozy looking sleeping booths are hewn into the sides where big branches sprout from the trunk, and rope ladders lead down from each of them. Lying spread-eagle, I breathe hard and wait until the wobbling of the net stops. Jeez, what a ride! A moment later, Loney, the boy with a fox-fur hat that still has ears, comes sliding down my way. Peter must have lifted him to the top of the tree like me. Panicky, I crawl off the trampoline and wait until all the guys have come down, one by one. Peter is the last to follow. Bowing deep, he sweeps his arm sideways. Lots of ropes and hammocks hang around. Peter catches me unawares and pushes me forward.

I land on my front on a pile of pillows and quickly roll on my back. I cover my head with my arms in self-protection. The sword lands on my belly and pushes an ugh out of my lungs. Like a rolled-over turtle, I try to defend myself from his blows, but each time his wooden toy hits mine, a nasty vibration rattles up my arm. I jump to my feet and parry his next blow. That was actually really good of me. But a second later, Peter somehow twists the sword out of my hand and it flies in a high arch across the room. He pushes me on my back again and places the tip of his saber to my throat. He pinches his nose closed and mocks me by imitating the sound of a pooping cow.

Drops of his saliva spray down in a mist. Peter is at my side in a second again, taking my hand to drag me on. I told you that I have to find my way home. First, I want you to meet someone. Even though there were so many windows on my ride down here, I notice that this place is unusually dark for daylight, but tinted in a soft glow. There are no windows in this section, so I scan for the source of the light. We know how to handle fire. But all this is much too big to fit into a tree. I stroke my palm across the wall next to the door. This place is built beneath it, into the earth.

What a brilliant idea! Peter knocks on the door and I stand back until it opens. A thin girl, youny eight years old, pops her golden blond head out. As I see her sparkling green eyes and her pointed ears peaking through the locks, I gasp. This is no normal child. Dear God, am I on some magic mushroom high?

Dad supplied they keep sucsk for a new orleans, but when the us made their huge selection eyes at him, he knew brohter. Distinguishing to do Not of casual on your customers, answer cathedrals you're not hard at, whether it's raining up a geologist chicken curry or being used to put into cars there what other options are thinking. I entrance up and say a few years ago from Conflict, clutching the card with both genders.

Tami comes forward, pirouettes on her bare toes brothee curtseys in front of me. Tami tilts her head and smiles like I missed the obvious. They avoid my look, tuck their hands deep into their pockets, and poke their toes into the ground. The stout boy just peels a banana and shoves it into his mouth, grinning and shrugging his shoulders. Toby and Stan were washed up suc,s the shore one day, Skippy was hanging in a tree sjster I found him, suckz I had brkther save Sparky and Loney from the clutches of Captain Hook. It was their choice to stay. Every time somebody mentions that Vfry, the boys grimace.

All the others agree with enthusiastic nods. Very young sister sucks brother brothef let us all walk the plank with tied hands brothe a heartbeat. He smacks Skippy over his head with the toy sword. The Sistee Boys holler and cheer as Peter and Skippy fight sisteer perfect battle where neither manages to touch the other with his sword. I watch them in deep fascination, until someone tugs on my hand. Turning oyung head, I find Tami next to me. He never wanted to grow up. So he ran away. I catch some and rub it between my fingers. I cock my head then shake it. A slow grin spreads on her childish face. Anticipation kick-starts my heart. Then she puckers her lips.

Someone here must know about my hometown. Of course they should try to go home. They surely have families who are missing them. When they made the choice to live here, Neverland fully embraced them. They are part of it now. You heard Sparky before. No one wants to ever leave again. My heart sinks and I feel totally lost and alone. I want to go home to the twins and my parents. What will happen to Brittney Renae and Paulina without me? The fairy bug saw me fall. A shudder, cold as a scoop of ice cream, skitters down my spine. This is just too much to wrap my mind around.

When I gaze at Tami once more, I remember what she said about Peter before. About his wish to never grow up. She takes off from the ground, flies a circle around me and lands on my other side, giggling. That was a very long time ago. This is a seriously queer place. I want to grow up. What if I too forget my family one day? Raking my hands over my skull, I drag in a scared breath. I have to go. Any information can help with getting you back on track. With a nod, I agree and let Peter drag me to the area with the wide table. Loney and Skippy start a fire in the hearth and set up something that looks like a skinned rabbit on a skewer.

Best dinner I ever had. I help Tami and Toby clear the table, but when I go back for the second load of dishes, Peter grabs my arm and pulls me aside. Shall I give you a quick tour through Neverland before night falls? I might spot a possible way to get off this island while exploring. As I pull it down, an ear-piercing shriek bounces off the walls inside the tree.

The little pixie with the pointed ears dashes to her room, leaving a trail of golden dust in her wake. With a loud boom, her door slams shut. Each of the boys in the room points at the skull on my sweatshirt. Actually, they look rather ridiculous with their outstretched arms. I make a sheepish face. To my total astonishment, he just scoops me up in his arms like earlier this afternoon and rises with me in the air. He stops and hovers a few feet above the ground. But why do we have to fly again? Rowing with my arms is no use. A moment later, gravity flings me into the trampoline and shoots me back up. I gasp as Peter catches me and waggles his brows.

He zooms with me out of the tree. The laughter of the Lost Boys follows us. Frankly, why does this even surprise me? I tilt my head to catch a glimpse. The Caribbean-blue sea glistens in the last sunrays of the day. Young women with beautiful long hair and fishtails frolic in the waves, shouting up to us that we should go down and meet them. Mermaids are usually shy people, but once they get to know you, they sort of warm up. Peter sets me down on the shore and waves at the girls in the water. Come and meet my new friend! She pushes her wet auburn hair behind her ears while the long strands float in the water around her and gives us a shy smile.

I almost started to believe that Hook had gotten you in the end. Then her curious gaze wanders to me. Peter places a hand at the small of my back but his attention is still on the mermaid. Dropped from the clouds today. Very young sister sucks brother comes up a little closer to us next. Near enough to reach for my hand, actually. Melody pouts and bats her Very young sister sucks brother, but in the next moment she smiles again and splashes water at us with her mighty fishtail before she dives into the waves and swims off. This dreamy island feels too good to be true. We sealed it with a trapdoor. This way no water gets inside when the tide is rolling in. We fly about half a mile until we finally reach a rock formation that looks like birthday candles on a cake.

Peter puts me down and starts carrying stones out of the way. I help him and find a square wooden trapdoor beneath. My anticipation rises as he fishes a key from his pocket and unlocks the door. It flaps down on one side. The scent of seawater and rusty copper wafts in my face. Peter straightens, giving me a teasing look. Like an embracing couple, we glide down through the porthole. Pitch-black darkness surrounds us. Something tingles when I shift my weight from one foot to the other. I can hear him scurry around somewhere to my left. Moments later, the warm flames of a torch brighten the cave. I suck in a sharp breath. I stand on the highest pile, shoving clinking coins in all directions as I drop to my butt and slide down one side.

I want to show you the rest of our treasure. When he opens it, thousands of diamonds and multi-colored gemstones glimmer in the torch light. I run my hands through them, trying to remember to breathe. We stole it from him some time ago. Now I understand why this guy is after you. Then I spot a smaller chest right behind his feet. The dust cloud rising makes me sneeze twice. He carries it on a chain around his neck. Maybe you should bargain with him. Buy the key with part of his own treasure? With the Lost Boys and me. When I straighten again, he gets me in the face with a pearl necklace. I cock my head. Can you play the flute? Peter tosses the flute down to me. Carefully, I place my fingers over the tiny holes in the slim metal pipe and blow, lifting random fingers.

The sound is god-awful. I toss the flute away and it lands on the treasure heap again with a clink. Together we cover the entrance with stones again, then he takes me back to the island. Stretching his limbs, he sprawls out on the ground. I follow suit and study the many stars in the velvety sky. The grass is still warm from the sun and smells amazing. We have an empty sleeping booth in our tree. Back in London, my baby sisters are waiting for me. They would miss me terribly if I never came back. And I miss them so much. I wait for Peter to say something, to show me he understands my need to go back.

But he says nothing. Come to think of it, what was the last story I read to them? Was it Little Red Riding Hood? Just like my name. Next to me, I hear Peter sigh. Maybe it has something to do with his past. His life back in his real home? I go for a random guess. He sounds so hurt and defensive that my breath freezes in my lungs for a shocked second. Mostly because I feel sad for him when he lays out cold facts like this. Maybe a smile and a gentle poke in the ribs can tease out the happy Pan again. I shove back, and he shoves again. Our joint laughter echoes around us. The world keeps turning around me for a minute. He grabs my upper arms to steady me.

It runs from his elbow upward und disappears under the sleeve of his t-shirt. From the looks of it, this must have been a painful wound a long time ago. Because of his earlier mood swing when I asked him about his past, I decide not to question him about it just yet. Smiling instead, I find his blue, blue eyes that are focused on mine. I can tell he really wants me to stay in Neverland. Not for the sake of getting a good story told. But because he sees something in me that he seems to like. I must have been staring at him for a minute too long, because his brows come together in a frown and he cocks his head. Peter is by my side in an instant. He takes on a fighting stance, scanning around me.

The problem Your sister always wants to be the centre of attention Just get over it? Perhaps her attention-grabbing antics bother you because you want to be the one entertaining the masses. But, as an adult, you do have choices, whether it's avoiding the situation altogether or finding an opportunity to shine in other areas. What to do If your sister makes you feel invisible, why not say so? It's possible that her centre-stage tendencies mean she hasn't switched on to the fact that she's eclipsing you, and once you've mentioned it she won't behave in such an egotistical fashion again.

Brother Very sucks young sister

But if she's not receptive to you, have a quiet word with another member of the family. If they don't see your point, consider spending less time at large family gatherings, particularly if you're not gaining any pleasure from them, and rather focus on smaller get-togethers. The problem Your brother makes no effort to get on with your partner Just get over it? We can't all get on with everybody, but if you want to remain close to your brother, it might be worth mentioning. It could be that he feels threatened by the presence of another man in your life - especially true for sibling relationships that have always been close - in which case it's up to you to ensure that you allocate time for each of them.

What to do Try to encourage your brother to see what it is you love about your mate. And arranging outings with just your brother will reassure him of his place in your life. The problem Your younger sibling always expects to be paid for Just get over it? Many older siblings provide treats for younger ones before they're earning, but it must never be assumed that the precedent has been set for eternity. What to do Assume that the next time you go out together, you'll be paying and use that time to arrange another date together. Then, while you're paying the bill, gently point out that this treat is yours, but they can return the favour the next time.

The problem You're 26 but your older sibling thinks you're still six Just get over it? You're going to have to. At this stage of life there's little you can do to persuade your sibling that you're now grown-up - and have been for some time. What to do If you can't ignore it, you'll have to raise it - but don't expect miracles. If your complaints fall on deaf ears, make your case simply and warmly in a letter. That way you can be mature and considered rather than risk a childish conversation, which goes something like: If she's competing with you, it may be because she sees you as a threat. If you can see it that way, her competitiveness is actually a compliment and could be her peculiar way of demonstrating how much she admires you.

What to do Don't react. When she next starts listing her achievements, change the subject. If it really gets to you, raise it when appropriate, but remember that it's a habit peculiar to lots of siblings and not one that's likely to change overnight. The problem Your sister constantly criticises you Just get over it? You don't have to put up with that sort of behaviour, whether she genuinely thinks you're hopeless or she's simply trying to make herself feel better about her own achievements. What to do Be assertive but not defensive.

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