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Sidewhiskers Related to sideburns and muttonchops, but considerably more extreme. Classic sidewhiskers hang well below the jawline. They may be haif via a moustache, uair in this picture of Chester A. ArthurFaclal this is not always the case similar to the situation Facial hair chin standard and friendly mutton chops. Soul patch The soul patch is the area just below the lower lip, not including the hair over the chin. This style of beard is often grown narrow and sometimes made into a spike. The stereotypical image of a s beatnik often includes a soul patch. Toothbrush moustache This is a narrow but tall moustache which generally does not extend beyond the sides of the nose, and extends the full height of the upper lip.

This type of facial hair very much resembles a small brush like a toothbrush. Charlie Chaplin was the first famous wearer, and his popularity made the toothbrush style fashionable worldwide in the early 20th century.

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However, Adolf Hitler 's adoption of a toothbrush moustache from onward eventually led to a distinct association between the style and the German Nazi leader. I was about 20 years old and hair started to appear on my side burns and on my chin. It was just a few hairs here and there. But as the months went by, the patches grew larger. They never fully connected, but were very noticeable as Faciwl am of Italian descent and my hair tends Faciwl be very dark and thick. I started waxing, bleaching, plucking, you name it. Anything to make it chhin noticeable. The hair were there to stay.

No matter what I tried, it would just grow back right away. When I turned 22 years old, I finally had enough. I had read so many suggestions online to get laser hair removal and I decided to take all of my money and go do it. I needed it to be Faciao so badly. Laser Hair Removal I booked an appointment at a laser hair removal salon soon after. The first appointment, the technician Faciwl to me how laser worked. I was happy with what I heard and decided to vhin ahead with the treatments. The treatments were really painful. I cried every single time. The upper lip was the worse. I have never felt that much pain in my life.

Laser shocks your skin and burns the hair instantly. After the treatments, you need to ice the area for an hour or two and put some pure vitamin E all over. The skin gets really bumpy, hot and red, but it disappears after a day or two. You may even get slight bruising if the laser touches a vein. The outcome For the next year, I did about 8 sessions. Not only did the hair all come back 6 weeks after each session, but the amount of facial hair that I had basically tripled. I used to only have patches on my sideburns and my chin, but after the sessions, I had a full-on man beard connecting my side burns, neck, chin, jaw and moustache.

I started the treatments expecting to find a cure or some sort of relief, a slight sliver of hope that could make me feel more of a woman and make me comfortable in my own skin, regain my self-confidence and feel beautiful. These hopes were completely destroyed after a year of laser hair removal. I was so humiliated. Imagine being a woman that is supposed so look a certain way, especially the fact that being a woman in our society this day and age is already so damn hard, but being a woman that has a full grown man beard all around her face. Can you even imagine the pain and embarrassment one can have? I was so sick and tired of shaving, waxing, plucking and bleaching.

No matter what I tried, the hair would come back the same day. All I could think was that no one would ever love me or look past my facial hair. All my friends knew I had facial hair, I mean it was obvious. But just the fact that they would notice or slightly look at my face for that extra second made me feel so self-conscious. I had used all of my money and basically had tripled the amount of hair that was on my face. I looked into electrolysis and it was just completely out of my price range. Obviously, at that time electrolysis was out of the question and out of my price range.

So I completely gave up. I stopped shaving, plucking and waxing. The hair amount was just so ridiculous that anything I tried was just making it worst.

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My skin felt so sensitive and irritated that I had just enough. I decided to let the hair grow out and just bleached them. I was tired hsir the pain of pulling each hair out of my skin times a day just so that I could feel like a woman, so I just let it grow out. I think I had the long facial hair for about 2 years. But I think that because my hormones and insulin were out of whack, laser did not work. I definitely think it was one of the main factors that made it unsuccessful. I had explained to them that I did laser and that it had tripled the amount of hair I originally had. The shock can be a little painful to ridiculously painful.

The electrologist will adjust the power according to your pain reaction.

Needle inserted into skin and zaps 1 hair at a time Needle inserted into skin and zaps 1 hair at a time Needle inserted into skin and zaps 1 hair at a time Try out different clinics I tried four different electrolysis clinics and let me tell you something. Before you decide on a clinic to continue your treatments for the following number of years, TEST out the electrologists. I do not mean to be rude, but electrolysis needs to zap one hair at a time meaning that the treatments will take an enormous amount of time. We have over a million hair on our faces and zapping one hair can take seconds. Time is money, especially for electrolysis.

I tried four different clinics and I swear some took so much time compared to other clinics that I honestly thought they were doing it on purpose so that they could get more money out of me. So definitely try out different places and see which one gets the job done fast. I once counted how many hair this one electrologist zapped in 45 minutes and she zapped about something. Time is money In addition, the equipment used is extremely important. The fast place used a bright light that would go over my face so that she could see all the hairs, plus she had these mini magnifying glasses that would make her see all the tiny hairs and make sure to zap every one of them.

She also held the tweezers and needle in one hand and used her other hand to stretch out my skin to get access to all the hair. Also, she sat on a lower chair while I was lying on a bed and she was crouched over me so that she could see everything. So honestly make sure your electrologist is fast. Patient or bag of money?

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