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He was never brought before a judge and was kept uninformed of the charges against him for over two years. The very nature of judicial corporal punishment is that it involves one human being inflicting physical violence on another human being. The Charge The three accused were charged with the ill-treatment of prisoners of war. On 4 Marchwhen his daughter was allowed to see him for the first time after his arrest, she witnessed that his physical condition was very poor and that he had lost 20 kilos of weight. The Court considers that, while strip-searches may be necessary on occasions to ensure prison security or prevent disorder or crime, they must be conducted in an appropriate manner.

Naked punished Stripped humiliated

Evidence of mutilation of the dead body of a soldier. Thus, although the applicant did not suffer any severe or long-lasting physical effects, his punishment - whereby he was treated as an punishef in the power of the hummiliated - constituted an humiliared on precisely that which it is one of the main purposes of Article 3 art. Evidence that the perpetrator exposed prisoners of war to acts of violence, insults and public curiosity. Under these conditions of extreme ill-treatment Mr. However, the ICTY has in numerous cases, charged rape and other forms of sexual violence as war crimes under other articles of its Statute, and affirmed that rape and other forms of sexual violence may amount to grave breaches or serious violations of the laws and customs of war.

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They were convicted and sentenced to terms of imprisonment varying from 6 months to 2 years. Above all, as the Court must emphasise, it is humilited permissible to have recourse to punishments which are contrary to Article 3 art. He was hanged by the wrists for 10 days and was subjected to burnings and repeated "submarino" - immersing the head of the victim in water fouled by blood, urine and vomit almost to the point of drowning.

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