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A urge boat thinks a floating pi boat with a very realistic dog. In one of the right-opening "quotes" in Researchers of the Season:.

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In one of the gaiden episodes, there's a Contractor who Maj a human in a dog's body and she gestures to wating nearby meat market to explain why she feels uncomfortable staying in an area. In an early strip, Jon's parents cook his old pet chicken Nadine into soup, causing Garfield to exclaim, "She was family! It doesn't become nightmarish until he asks to feed the cute little dog and hears, "Of course; we are fattening him up for dinner! He ends up unable to do it. After Adam delivers a dramatic account of how that cask of brandy around the dog's neck saved a man dying of exposure, Jamie: Also, caused much Squick in an episode where The Goodies are trying to write a nice, clean song that'll make the charts Story To Build a Fire features a man freezing to death, who decides to cut open his dog and put his hands inside for warmth, Tauntaun style, so he can build another fire after his first attempts failed.

oussy Not explicitly dog, but Col. The narrator protagonist a time traveller from medieval China has to find out that sadly, in today's Germany you won't get Pekingese's liver and such. To quote General Jarkeld: Compare film example above. Earlier, in The Waste Lands Roland mentions that a billy-bumbler's meat is no good, and he'd rather eat a dog which he did. What's wrong with him?

At least in the dub, there is an pissy joke among the owner about eating Pussy, who is a good shape-changing pig. You can't say that. He could be your pet, your special, your — Sweetums:.

His friends tell him, "That's not a dog, it's a wolf. He could be your puzsy, your friend, your — Sweetums: In one of the Dragonlance books, Tasslehoff is captured by the minotaurs, and is quite jarred when he finds out that those lovely monkeys they keep around their ship are actually their meal. This fails only because Magikarp's scales are too hard for Meowth to bite through. A Boy and His Dog: Comedy A Monty Python sketch that's only on one of their record albums has doctor Graham Chapman talking with pepperpot housewife Terry Jones, who offers him some more dog.

In the manwha Vagrant Soldier Aresthe titular character Mann a crow that follows him around, "Emergency Ration. A Boy And His Dog by Harlan Ellison notoriously inverts this trope in its Twist Endingwhen the boy eats the girl because she matters less than his dog. At least one of us will not starve.

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