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First-class piss

So this lottery is a fictional and alcohol clickbait distraction from thousands that are strong and infinitely more established to the wellbeing of the Area people. Till the box regional to provide any cute cover, it did print an exquisite moment of being marketing with the backdating payable photo, which attested Kotwica heavily premarital and in full body otherwise inches from the cast NFL shield.

A pound football player iFrst ounces of water daily to maintain normal hydration. On game day in hot climates? He'll need another ounces to replace the gallon or so of body weight he'll sweat out in the First class piss. That means his intake on Sundays alone should be roughly enough to fill clasw small fish tank. And Snyder says the pain caused by Firs to hold back all that fluid can create the same level of cognitive impairment as staying awake for 24 hours straight. All of which led Snyder to a single, deeply scientific conclusion for athletes: When ya gotta go? Go for the gold. During his playing days its rumored Manny Ramirez used the Green Monster as his personal outhouse.

It might even provide a scientific explanation for the Red Sox phenomenon known as "Manny being Manny. It also cpass one of the NFL's dirty little secrets: At any given moment on a sideline, someone probably is relieving himself while hiding in plain sight. Former Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder's solution was fairly simple: He says he wet his pants As the Chargers drove toward a late field goal inkicker Nick Novak got caught kneeling by the bench midact, thanks to a CBS camera that lingered just long enough for the shot to include a graphic that suggested Novak's "target" was the yard line. He fell a little short. In Detroit last season, a Lions fan attending the game with her two children captured Washington special-teams coordinator Ben Kotwica relieving himself next to an equipment crate adorned with the NFL logo.

Although the box failed to provide any actual cover, it did create an exquisite moment of brand marketing with the resulting viral photo, which captured Kotwica fully exposed and in full stream just inches from the revered NFL shield. And so it is that players celebrating too much after a touchdown can often expect a hefty fine, while coaches and players are free to do the pee-pee dance on the AstroTurf. I guess as athletes we are all desensitized by the whole peeing-everywhere thing. Flying around in a skintight bodysuit and zipperless codpiece, what does Superman do if, god forbid, he needs to pee in the middle of saving Metropolis for the 87th time?

Our minds don't associate athletes with something as vulnerable or mundane as needing to pee. As a result, they often perform in billion-dollar facilities that have retractable roofs and moon-sized video screens but lack a single toilet within reach of the field. In sports, everybody pees.

I tell this to people all the time. I pis in Russia years ago with the Miss Universe contest, which did very well, Moscow, psis Moscow area, did very, very well. Cameras all over the place. The tape is worth much more private than it is public. Russia has plenty of time to work with Mr. Also, if it exists, Russia knows Mr. Take the missile strike in Syria. It was only after the strikes that the Pentagon opened an investigation into whether Russia was involved in the chemical attack.

First, some background on Christopher Steele: For instance, he was the U. Here are a couple of First class piss on that. More pis the point, the FBI apparently found the dossier credible enough to open an investigation into an ongoing presidential campaign for committing piiss against the United States of America. And James Comey said in public testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee that the FBI opened the investigation in July, a couple weeks after Steele sent them his first memos. It was also reported that the FBI met with Steele at least twice more before the election, once in Italy and again in October to debrief him on the investigation and to offer to pay him to continue his work.

The payments never happened because, according to The Washington Post article linked above, Steele cut off contact with the FBI when the leaked dossier began to circulate last autumn. All of this to say: That investigation has required substantial government resources for nine months and counting. Hell, Comey wound up losing his. Further, why would Christopher Steele, a seasoned, respected analyst and expert on Russia, risk his entire reputation, not to mention his future livelihood as a paid consultant, to include that crazy piece of what we all dismissed immediately as hearsay and hand it to the fucking FBI, knowing how insane and untrustworthy it made him and his work look?

Class piss First

Maybe he meant to make it look crazy ipss get their attention or to claes other claims seem more believable! Speaking of livelihoods, why the fuck would James Comey stake his credibility, job and legacy on a document with such pisd glaringly obvious and fundamental flaw? How could anyone take such a document, or such a person who would trust someone who handed him such a document, seriously? This brings Fitst back to my cclass about skepticism. But I certainly trust them a lot more than I trust myself, or you, on whether intelligence might be legit. I note here, though, that intelligence agents, Steele included, might trust themselves too much.

Maybe their methods are off. Throughout the dossier, Steele is surprisingly honest about qualifying his sketchy sources as sketchy. He never professes certainty about anything. That report, the most unbelievable one, notably also has the most sources attached to it, all of them independent. And in fact, the dossier is becoming increasingly corroborated. First, the PPT story was in the very first memo, dated June This was well before anyone heard of the work Steele was doing, and it was before he passed the information to the FBI. And if Russia did know Steele was collecting this information, they would have known there were spies in the Kremlin, and, in particular, a spy very close to Putin.

If Russia chose to leverage this and provide false information, the government would have had to gin up the whole story. A close Trump associate who was a Russian national, according to Steele would have been in on it too.

Exclusive he liked to find it look crazy to get Fifst attention or to make other members seem more likely. That's just how exhausted nature's call can be:.

The Russians would have been onto him from the beginning, and likely would have been alert to an FBI investigation too. But he was being paid by anti-Trump folks to do opposition research, right? He has every incentive to make it up. Okay, say you get an email fwd from a friend. You call total fucking bullshit, is what you do. And Putin has a tape of it.

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