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Breast Augmentation with Implants

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At your initial consultation Breast georgia implant Dr. LeRoy, he will show you examples of different breast implants and discuss your ultimate goals with you. The idea is to have breast implants that fit your body type while achieving the look you want, in addition to having results that look not only beautiful, but also natural. The main types of breast implants are: Saline Breast Implants Saline breast implants are composed of a silicone outer shell filled with Breasf saline Brezst solution. They Braest the most popular breast implants available.

Saline implants are proven safe and effective; however, sometimes they can cause a rippling appearance under the breast. Women who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their breasts can choose from an array of state-of-the-art treatments to help them achieve their ultimate enhancement goals. Breast reduction surgery helps those suffering from the discomfort and self-consciousness associated with having overly large breasts by eliminating excess fat from the a bustline; creating a more proportional body frame. Injected into surgical incisions at the end of a procedure, this new analgesic provides up to 72 hours of continuous pain relief after breast surgery.

The links below will take you to detailed descriptions of our breast augmentation with implants, breast lift, and breast reduction procedures here in the Atlanta, Georgia area. LeRoy invites you to learn more about these effective procedures and to contact our practice for a consultation. Whether you're looking for a breast reduction or an implant, Georgia Plastic Surgery is an Atlanta breast augmentation specialist. We perform breast augmentation for clients in Atlanta and surrounding suburbs near Marietta, Cumming, Kennesaw, and Alpharetta. Your Consultation During your initial consultation, Dr. Lincenberg will review your medical history and answer any questions you may have.

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You will need to make decisions on breast size cup sizeon the type and shape of implants you will receive, and on the location of your incisions. Lincenberg will ask you for your personal preferences so he can recommend the right implant size and shape for you. You will also be able to try on breast implant sizers to help you with your decision on breast augmentation surgery. Types of Breast Implants You may choose either silicone or saline implants. Silicone implants are made from a gel that holds together uniformly while retaining the natural give that resembles breast tissue.

Saline implants are filled with a saltwater solution similar to the fluid that makes up most of the human body and has a slightly firmer feel. The actual costs will be determined after we understand your individual needs and wants for the procedure. We understand plastic surgery is an investment and want all of our clients to pursue it with as much knowledge as possible.

Implant Breast georgia

Implants can be inserted through a small incision imlpant the edge of the areola or a small incision along the bottom edge of the breast. The fat graft procedure leaves no scars on the breasts. Lincenberg will discuss your options with you at your consultation, as well as whether or not fat grafting is an option for you. The method of inserting and positioning your breast implants for your boob job will depend on your anatomy and Dr.

The incision can be made either in the crease under the breast, on the edge of the areola the dark skin surrounding the implatnor in the armpit. Every effort is made by Dr. Ideal Brezst augmentation candidates should have good skin quality, but individuals who exhibit some skin laxity may benefit from combining breast lift with their procedure. You will be able to discuss your goals and expectations during your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Lintner, and he will make recommendations for the approach that he believes can best meet your unique needs. Women are now able to choose silicone breast implants for breast augmentation.

Approved by the FDA in Novembersilicone breast implants create soft, natural looking enhancements. In Januarythe FDA released an advisory statement for women with breast implants. The FDA has not changed the status or availability of breast implants and has reaffirmed that the devices are safe and effective. Please click here for more information. We will continue to follow this story and provide more information as it comes to light. FDA data shows no correlation between silicone breast implants and disease.

Potential long-term complications include leakage and the hardening of the implant pocket; however, these conditions are rare. Thomas Lintner places such yeorgia premium on patient safety that long after his patients are healed and back to normal, he continues to see his patients annually, free of charge until he retires, for a thorough examination. If any problems are found during these free follow-up visits, they can be