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This is sex as it was meant to be: Rough, wild, natural and unpolished. Go back with us to the days when sex was rediscovered and exploited to the full in many Scandinavian studios where expert photographers shot the hottest material ever produced! Color Climax magazine was a trendsetter in top class pornography and here you can see why: For them, it meant No holds barred and they went at each other as if there was no tomorrow! Girlie love as it has never been equalled since it was produced by the Rodox studios!

Back to the time when women were proud of their natural look and proud to be seen fucking, Vintate and even being sandwiched! Who learns faster when there are plenty of willing boyfriends and girlfriends around who want to join you on your discovery trip? Relive the ultimate sexual freedom of the seventies in Blue Climax! Over the years Rodox produced hundreds of thousands of magazine and in this section you can watch the top series of all of them. Rodox, exclusive Danish porn from the 70's and 80's!!

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Top quality photography combined with exclusive movies makes this site an absolute must for the pee-lover! The very roots of hardcore pornography! Scandinavia, famous for its culture of sex, gives a lot of space to its schoolgirls experiencing with sex to answer their spinhing hormones caused by body development. Meet the liberated flower power generation on their discovery trip through the many facetted world of hardcore sex! Starting at a very young age they explored all varieties of sex, whether it was on their own, with a boyfriend or even with another girl. Now you can see too why: Raw, natural sex in a time when a full bush of pubic hair was something to be proud of!

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