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About BreastScreen SA

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SA Health is the brand name for the health portfolio of services and agencies responsible to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing which includes the: SMS these details to your mobile phone for free: They will then be invited for their next breast screen in two years, as breast cancer can develop between screens.

Enter on our new Stories website Enter Now. This compression feels different for every woman, but is necessary for ensuring the scteen show all of the breast tissue clearly including any very small cancers. Health and Wellbeing About Us SA Health's vision is that all South Australians are healthy, enjoy a great quality of life and experience a safe, contemporary and sustainable health care system. The Assessment Clinic is run by a specialist multi-disciplinary team made up of breast surgeons, radiologists, radiographers, medical officers and nurse counsellors, ensuring women receive the very best possible care.

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What We Do SA Ecreen provides important services to the South Australian community including public hospitals, metropolitan and country health service delivery, environmental health, communicable disease control, epidemiology, health promotion, pathology services, drug screeb alcohol services, emergency and ambulance, and organ donation. A screening mammogram is breast X-ray that uses a very small amount of radiation to detect breast cancer, including those too small to be felt. For clients What is a breast screen? Women with larger breasts may require extra images to ensure all of the breast tissue can be seen. If they report different results, the images will be examined by a third radiologist.

Most women who attend BreastScreen SA will receive their results via a letter within two weeks stating that no signs of breast cancer were found. Close South Australian Government: A breast screen appointment can take as little as 10 minutes, and can be made by calling BreastScreen SA on 13 20 Help us find Wylie across the White Pages website for your chance to win this Christmas.

Sa Breast screen

Breast screening uses screening zcreen to look for cancer in the breasts of healthy screfn who currently have no breast symptoms. Why we need to compress your breast during a breast screen Without compression With compression A specially trained female radiographer will take two X-rays of each breast — a top-to-bottom image, and a side-to-side image. For every five women who come to the Assessment Clinic for further tests, less than one will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer.

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