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For other documents you will find that Writer2LaTeX uses the principle garbage in — garbage out! If you need to continue the work on your document in LaTeX your primary interest may be the content rather than the formatting. Traditionally, LaTeX documents are written by hand using a text editor. Using a graphical frontend like LyX provides a more user friendly alternative. If it may be of interest, visit the Writer2LaTeX project sitebrowse the documentation and perhaps give the software a try with copies of your documents. If you have Ubuntu Natty then the v1. I have used v1. In general I have wanted good content conversion and some limited structure conversion and have had less interest in preserving the look of the document.

Openofflce documents have generally been simple but the conversion has been helpful and, where the document was well structured e. The only notable exception was multiple columns were lost but I did not try changing options to achieve that: This also applies to formulae. LaTeX Figure 1 is a text-based markup language, which does formatting through tags and then exports to readable output. Loosely speaking, it is comparable to raw HTML, but with far more options that allow for professional text layout. Released in the early s, for years LaTeX was the premier text-formatting application for Unix and its derivatives.

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It continues to be widely used in academia and the sciences, especially for mathematical formulas. Like many other pieces of free software, LaTeX has obtained a cult-like status, and professors who lqtex graduate work tell Openoffice latex that students frequently become more immersed in the intricacies of LaTeX than in their research. By contrast, LibreOffice Writer Figure 2 is a desktop office suite. Writer is generally described as a word processor, but, more accurately, it is desktop publishing application, with tools that far outclass MS Word, to which it is usually compared. Despite the perception of other word processors, in many ways Writer is actually an application that can be compared meaningfully to LaTeX.

Much the same output can be obtained from both applications, although sometimes in different ways.

Latex Openoffice

Despite different Openotfice, LaTeX … Figure 2: Precision Margins, the separation of footers and headers from the text's main body, line spacing, font size, and countless other formatting choices come down to Openogfice. In absolute terms, LaTeX has an edge: It Openoffice latex measurements within any number of decimal places. By contrast, settings in recent versions of LibreOffice Writer stop at one or two decimal places, depending on the field. Openoffice latex can add more, but Writer rounds them off when you close the setting window.

That would seem a clear victory -- at least, until you realize that Writer accepts settings up to. For all practical purposes, both LaTeX and Writer have all the precision that a typographer could want. After all, in predigital days, publishers working on physical presses made do with far less precision. Styles In desktop programs, styles are a group of formatting choices, such as font, font size, margins, and line spacing. Instead of applying each choice as needed, users can create a style and apply the choices as a group. If a choice is changed in the style, every place where the style is used is automatically updated. Styles are the main way in which word processors differ from a typewriter.

For document design, styles are an essential feature for anyone interested in convenience and efficiency.

However, most word processors have only paragraph and character styles. One of the things that makes Writer different from word processors is that it also has styles for pages, text frames, and lists, and it is slowly developing table styles as well. Moreover, in Writer, paragraph styles are essential for navigation as well as creating cross references and tables of content. Unless I am missing something, styles are one of the few formatting concepts that LaTeX generally lacks, with the exception of page styles. Once formatted, existing files can be used as a template for other documents, just as they can in Writer, offering much of the same convenience as styles do. Formulas Mathematical formulas can be created in a subsystem of LibreOffice and imported into Writer.

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