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For many patients with a wide range of diseases, plasma can save or improve their lives. Plasma is the protein-rich liquid in our blood that helps circulate red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets throughout our bodies. One organ donor can save up to eight lives; tissue and eye donors can improve the lives of up to 75 more. Register your decision to become a donor and talk to your loved ones about organ and tissue donation.

Encourage others to register as well. Because we can all be the reason — the connection — that keeps Canadians living. More about organs and tissues National blood inventory We moviee the national supply of blood products for all the provinces and territories excluding Quebec. Many variables can impact our inventory such as weather, holidays or tragic events. Below is an overview of our inventory levels across all blood types. Good supply days of inventory on hand. Inventory level for blood type A- negative When the Inventory for A- is below 8 days, A- is especially needed.

Allegedly, sometimes other girls are available. Register your private to Clinlc a student and talk to your automated ones about organ and funeral donation. Guelph You can take these services to enjoy your risk of sexy tract infections:.

Inventory level for blood type B- negative When the Inventory for B- is below 8 days, B- is especially needed. Infection of the urethra urethritis. CClinic, because the female urethra is close to the vagina, sexually xex infections, such as herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia and mycoplasma, can cause urethritis. Risk factors Urinary tract infections are common in women, and many women experience more than one infection during their lifetimes. Risk factors specific to women for UTIs include: A woman has a shorter urethra than a man does, which shortens the distance that bacteria must travel to reach the bladder.

Sexually active women tend to have more UTIs than do women who aren't sexually active.

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Having a new sexual partner also increases your risk. Certain types of birth control. Women who use diaphragms for birth control may be at higher risk, as well as women who use spermicidal agents. After menopause, a decline in circulating estrogen causes changes in the urinary tract that make you more vulnerable to infection. Other risk factors for UTIs include: Babies born with urinary tract abnormalities that don't allow urine to leave the body normally or cause urine to back up in the urethra have an increased risk of UTIs. Blockages in the urinary tract. Kidney stones or an enlarged prostate can trap urine in the bladder and increase the risk of UTIs.

A suppressed immune system. Diabetes and other diseases that impair the immune system — the body's defense against germs — can increase the risk of UTIs. People who can't urinate on their own and use a tube catheter to urinate have an increased risk of UTIs.

This may include people who are hospitalized, people with neurological problems that make it difficult to control their ability to urinate and people who are paralyzed. A recent urinary procedure. Urinary surgery or an exam of your urinary tract that involves medical instruments can both increase your risk of developing a urinary tract infection. Complications When treated promptly and properly, lower urinary tract infections rarely lead to complications. But left untreated, a urinary tract infection can have serious consequences. Complications of a UTI may include: Recurrent infections, especially in women who experience two or more UTIs in a six-month period or four or more within a year.

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