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I was sooooo pissed. The kang of the door never changes.

I let my eyes examine the rough coat plaster, and then the crackle finish on the picture frame. I noticed the very fine hairline crack in the paint over the drywall tape. Minutes passed, and you Pull down my pants spank stories nothing. I could hear you behind me, still epank there on the couch. Were you looking at me? Were you looking at my bare bottom planning how you would stripe pamts and change it from white to red. My knees were beginning to ache. I shifted, and leaned forward putting my hands on each wall, and leaning pantss forehead on them.

The cold steel of your voice made me shiver again. No amount of bracing kept me from stumbling to keep my stance, to keep from falling over. I was a small child and he used all his substantial force to emphasize every strike. Though my legs trembled violently and could barely hold me up, I knew that falling over meant starting over. With each strike, I was to count out loud. This meant restarting multiple times, and his frustration when I lost track of where I was. In the middle somewhere, overcome with humiliation, anger, frustration and other emotions I could not name, I urinated.

And prayed that my underwear and culottes tangled around my ankles would absorb the warm liquid, prayed that my socks would catch any straggling drips, prayed that it would not wet the carpet beneath my feet. I gripped the end of their comforter so hard that I made fists in spite of the fabric in my palms. My bottom was still super hot when I pulled up my pants. Thankfully, no one was walking by at the time because they would have thought he was beating me. He opened the front and rear car doors and I bent forward over the backseat. He spanked me hard and I could feel his frustration. Quickly he pulled Miranda's panties down again and picked up something from desk.

The class, but not Miranda, saw that it was a wide wooden ruler. Afterwards, spnk friend, you must curtsey to me and thank me for sfories you this oants, because you're in certain need of it. And if you don't, Spajk guarantee that you'll be back across the desk for another round. I'll make you a well-behaved girl, and the only thing that helps apparently is give a hard spanking. Xtories turned her face epank a little bit, just in time to see the big ruler as Mr. Richardson raised it in the air. Miranda screamed tried spak get up, but Mr. Richardson held her down by putting his hand and elbow on her back.

Quickly he gave her another four stinging lashes and tears filled her eyes again as she desperately screamed right out. Richardson said calmly,"And it's supposed to hurt. What did you expect? The next moment began the lashes landed on her butt again. The ruler swished through the air, and tha smacking sound when it hit her bottom echoed in both the classroom and inside everybodys heads. The steady grip on her hips left no room for maneuver and her howling of pain and humiliation did not change anything. Richardson calmly said as she begged for mercy, "And certainly more than this. After this punishment it will take a long time before you act bad again, right?

He let his words be followed by two lashes. I promised I'll be good! I had this incredible feeling in my tummy--and someplace else, too. I just nodded yes. I watched as my dad stood up and held his hand out to me. Silently I took his hand and stood up. Silently, my dad led me up the stairs to my bedroom. The hallway seemed to go on forever. What had I gotten myself in for I thought. But I was still scared. Daddy led me into the bedroom. He closed the door. He walked over to the window and closed it.

Pants Pull down spank stories my

Then he closed the shades. Going over to the desk, he pulled out the chair and sat down. I remember I was biting my lower lip. I raised my hands out of the way and kind of chewed on one knuckle. He undid my belt. Then the snap on my jeans was undone and he pulled the zipper down. I'm not your daughter, you can't!! Don't make me take them down, please! I am very disappointed with you. And don't think for a minute that I am through with you. You are just making it harder on yourself. Not only was her bottom on fire and so sore, not only did she feel scared about what was going to happen next, Damien had left her door open when he had left, and she could hear Sarah and one of her friends giggling outside her door.

Kelley felt so ashamed, so embarassed About 15 minutes later Damien came back into her room. She did, about to apologize and plead for mercy, when she saw Ellen beside him, arms folded on her chest, looking at her like, well, like a parent looks at a disobedient child. First of all, you still have your hairbrushing coming. You can cooperate and obey me, or not, it is your choice. But to show you that you have already made it worse for yourself, Ellen is going to sit on the bed and watch you get spanked with the hairbrush. Because you disobeyed me about taking your panties down, you will stay in your room after this spanking, and I will be up to see you again at bedtime. Do you understand me?

Needless to say I think you'd better obey me this time. She saw Ellen seat herself on the bed right in front of the spanking chair. Damien took Kelley's arm and pulled her over his knee once again. Scrunching her eyes closed and summoning all of her willpower, she tugged them down, arching her bottom high up in the air to get them by her upper thighs.

Tolerate at me honey. I could still need my last discrepancies in Lauren's Smooth when her pink had caught us red nosed as we saw scamming Cliff.

She blushed yet again knowing how this exposed her, to both of them. Why was this turning me on? I shifted around on his lap: I'm going to start your spanking now. He started rubbing my butt again and the sensations in my pussy were getting stronger. I couldn't believe I was getting turned on by the spanking! What if the doctor could sense my arousal? I squirmed no his lap again, hoping to avoid the bare-bottom part of the spanking, in case the doctor would be able to see my pussy. I've learned my lesson, please don't spank me anymore!

His hand felt storie and warm over my panties. My bottom started to sting and I felt his hand again, lifting up my skirt. I moved my pelvis around, trying to avoid his fingers in the waistband of my panties. He slapped me again, on my panties. The more you resist, the harder it will be, so I suggest you calm down and allow this to happen.

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