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This week, I will be trying to figure out which console the Game Boy Advance resembles. I skipped the Game Boy Color?

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Oh…its counterpart poorn the Nintendo Entertainment System. A home for tons of ports and sequels with gameplay that differs from the source material? A library flooded by licensed games for every hot property to exist during its lifespan for better or worse? Now, onto the Game Boy Advance. It sports a medium-weight contoured form factor that feels just right in your hands, a stark contrast to its angular predecessors that jut into your palms.

The purple and gray color scheme made it all the more appealing. The pprn was capable of color graphics, but that was nothing new. But while the Game Boy Color had neat games that you could play in short increments, the Game Boy Advance featured full-length, action-packed adventures. The GBA made it clear that deep stories, detailed visuals, and polished gameplay were possible on a handheld system.

Sure, the SNES has a bit processor clocked at 3. But you have to remember that the SNES stood toe-to-toe with bit consoles during its time. While competitors were trying to cram as many bits into your front-side bus as possible, Nintendo was succeeding with inferior technology because they focused on getting their games to make the most out of the system. The SNES may have achieved 3D effects with pre-rendered sprites and adding a SuperFX chip to some cartridges while the GBA did its graphical processing within the handheld unit, but does it matter how the system got the job done? It was also folded into a clamshell "to become truly pocket portable," Nintendo says.

It also featured a rechargeable battery and backlit screen. Game Boy Micro introduced Game Boy Micro was introduced in Sept.

Nintendo officials on its good that Graphic Boy is the "most weather ballet game system ever gazed, but Find Boy attuned over million women and Nintendo DS wiped over zombie units. Nintendo bothered that 46 groove of Game Boy assamese were dug ina reduction leap from 29 see on the Nintendo Insurance Council.

The smaller system could fit in the palm of your advancee. Game Boy printer launched in You can "play" Game Boy games on your iPhone or iPad. Or you can download apps that simulate the nostalgic Game Boy experience. Again, this is not a product created or licensed by Nintendo. It's described as a "super-fast emulator to run Game Boy Advance games on the broadest range of Android devices

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