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The Best Time Ever - Gay 90s

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The first time I mplls went to the Saloon, it was a Sunday night, also soon after I came out. It was barren of anyone.

Even with the demise of the mps, I always had this picture of a bag Saloon. Although it is a considerably smaller place, it packs 'em in with a young to middle age crowd, and is really the place to see, or be seen. Map The Saloon is currently the most popular place to hang out on any given night in the Twin Cities. The two most popular nights are Thursday 18 and over and Saturday, when the most boys are partying their butts off. If you look to the left in the pictures, under the first awning, is located the bar area of the Saloon, where you are also able to order food. The bar is large, and there are video monitors aplenty for those alone.

As you walk further into the bar, there is a pool table. Walk even further back, and you reach another small bar area. This area is closed off on Sunday nights, when it becomes a leather bar. As you again look at the pictures, under the second awning is the entrance to the dance floor area, where there again is a large bar that spans the length of the dance floor. As you walk further back, you eventually reach a outdoor patio area. There is a parking lot next to the Saloon, but if it is the night of an event at the Target Center, rates are pricey. Consider parking a block or two away.

Very little on-street parking available Ga you are there e. Downstairs there are five, and upstairs, three: There are three entrances to the club. It's usually only open late night on the weekends. Going south, the next entrance might be considered Gwy main entrance. It's the door you see in the picture above. It opens to the restaurant daytime and eveningswhich then becomes a big gathering area during late night. The last entrance it's to the left of the main entrance brings you right to an enclosed bar area. This bar is what I call the regulars bar - I always get the impression that the guys sitting here have been coming for years. To expand on the main floor description, let's start with that main entrance.

S bar mpls Gay 90

After getting your ID checked, you enter a large room. To the right is a bar that runs the length of the room. The enclosed bar is to the left. As you go further into the room, there is a raised stage area. This is where you will find male strippers on Fridays and Saturdays. All the way to the back of this room is a rather small dance floor. They used to play hip-hop, I haven't been in awhile to know if they still do. The other half of the main floor complex is accessed by turning to your right, either just as you enter, or way at the back of the room.

Let's take the front of the room right-turn. This is the access to the Dance Annex. It is a huge dance floor, with a bar that runs the length of the left side. When I first came out 96it was a sight to behold. Wish I could give zero stars. There are new bathrooms on the 1st floor. They throw foam parties in the Dance Annex. They introduced a new menu and offer late-night bar food on weekends. There's an Eggs n' Drag Brunch every Sunday which you can bring the kids to. Golconda Over a year ago Hates it Was once cool It used to be awesome many years ago but now they have let it get run down, people are rude and it is just awful.

I would recommend the Saloon or maybe even one of the many other bars. It just isn't as cool as it once was. I feel bad because the drag show used to be just awesome but everything else has just detracted from it. Thckboynj Over a year ago Hates it What an f'ing dump 3 words: Seems like the suburban kids like to come here for bachelorette parties and to watch the "freak show". Plus, frankly I don't feel safe in this neighborhood and I'm from Jersey. A cover charge for this place?

Every other hand for the past two means and have never had a massive. Hanging began the original of the Movie.

Give it to one of the many vagrants nearby. This place is sketchy to the extreme, you might even get shot at, stabbed, Gwy, mugged, or even drugged. Staff is rude, the people don't know how to party and have fun just like the Eaglenot recommended for travelers, friends, or even locals! Not sure what the hype is all about. Ga place was a total dump. The bathroom smelled like bleach and urine. The bar area's were filthy, the drag queens should "retire". The only nice thing about this place was the "Mens" bar in the back thru the mens room. Thus implying a dress code and I am thankful for it I visit the 90's on a regular basis.

Every other weekend for the past two years and have never had a problem. Although the dress code is not posted online, nor at the door I was turned away for having my pants slightly below waist level. I asked if I was able to pull them up and tighten my belt. Seeing as I've never had trouble and am a regular patron, I asked to speak to a manager. I was then insulted by the bouncer, who decided name calling was necessary. I verbalized my intention to stay and a second bouncer began to curse at me insisting the manager didnt want to speak with me, although non such had been contacted. Very unprofessional and classless.

They have a different dance floor for whatever your mood.

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