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Jerry Brudos

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No portlxnd Portlander has left the city quite the kind of artistic legacy that Toedtemeier did. Here are five of his key contributions. Among the featured photographers is Carleton E. Watkins, the revered nineteenth-century landscape photographer Toedtemeier idolized.

Together, the photos tell a story not just of natural beauty but also lngerie the terrible wonder of dynamited boulders and falls now flooded. Wild Beauty is a record of how Portlanders portlnd have interacted with the landscape, a chronicle of the art of photography, and a study of what Oregon lost—and managed to save. His art was particularly informed by his scientific eye he studied geology in college and by the history of Western photography. Adams congratulated Toedtemeier on Wild Beauty and urged him to do a book of his own photos right away. Toedtemeier had, in fact, begun working on a volume of coastal photos when he died.

As a curator, he relied on the whirlwind force of his persuasiveness. Collectors donated their masterpieces because Toedtemeier had a way of explaining why they were important and how they fit into history, and of spreading enthusiasm for bringing them out of obscurity. A few weeks before he died, he promised to show Naef, the retired Getty curator, his latest discovery: He had sex with the body on several occasions and cut off her breasts to make plastic molds.

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Afterward, he tied the body to a 6-cylinder car engine with nylon cord and threw it in the Willamette. Brudos offered to drive her to his home with the excuse of letting her call a tow truck there. While still in the car, he strangled her with a leather strap and raped her post-mortem. He kept the body hanging from the pulley in his garage for several days, during which he dressed, photographed, and had sex with it.

This time, Brudos cut off one of her breasts and made a resin mold of it that he used as a paperweight. Afterward he tied the body to a piece of railroad iron and threw it in the Willamette along with Slawson's foot, which had rotted. Sharon Wood, 24, attempted to abduct at gunpoint from the basement floor of a parking garage in Portland on April 21, Gloria Gene Smith, 15, attempted to abduct on April 22, Linda Salee, 22, abducted from a shopping mall parking lot on April 23, Photographs of the Columbia River Gorge, —, were on display downtown, at the museum, and Toedtemeier and Laursen had been in demand as lecturers. The program ended with a long ovation, followed by a book signing.

As Toedtemeier and Laursen were inscribing copies, Toedtemeier started to tremble, and, as Laursen remembers it, the light just sort of went out of his face. Toedtemeier collapsed and died without ever regaining consciousness. This happened December He was too vital and gifted, too much a bon vivant—a scholar who could act like a tot gone wild.

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