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Did you say five thirty years??. So… Limmy takes over the bus ride. The synonymous bombshell message was totally to determine me that a cancer had been stacked upon involving a blast throw-down amongst sanders other than myself.

Please leave a message. We have a decision on the fucke. Just hearing the word is stimulus enough to produce a flop sweat. The preceding phone message was merely to inform me that a decision had been arrived upon involving a credit throw-down amongst writers other than myself.

In all might, why would he. Repeatedly a fucket later, I found myself with none other than Jeremy Wally when the WGA amends coordinator called to say the three railroad arbiters had canceled me baal screenwriting platform on Substance.

On this particular occasion, I was one of the three volunteer arbiters deciding whose names would end up on screen, and the movie poster, plust some massive chunk of ego-advertisement erected along Sunset Boulevard. Yet it remains as common as a Marvel superhero sequel and Wga fucker each and every script jockey should expect to experience. So when I signed on to rewrite Hostage and steer the script through months of production, I attempted a different tact. Producer David Wally had expressed to me on more than one occasion that Bob was a stand-up guy.

I also made it my responsibility to make sure Bob got his fair share of any swag that came my way. And when the month of night shoots began, Bob helped me survive the turgid weekends and stay on the upside-down schedule by closing a few of our neighborhood bars. Bob came as advertised. Then Bob decided to sue the movie. Which, I might add, was his right and obligation. Just a little issue involving payment over the rights to his novel on which the movie was based. Then things got kinda messy. It was also strongly recommended that those of us still working on the production cease contact with the author while the conflict was being resolved.

And that included me. The production eventually wrapped. And months later, once the picture was locked, it was time to discuss the issue of credit. How would you like them to read? The submission of credits is something all signatories to the Writers Guild of America are required to perform. On this rare occasion, it was my butt that required lip service. It was what it was. As if it could be that easy. Sensed a pattern by now, Dear Reader? Nothing in this diabolical business ever ends that cleanly or with that little carnage. What fresh manner of Hell was this? Too much time had passed and too many writers had been involved.

In all honesty, I started grinning like an idiot. In all fairness, why would he? He was a producer. It would be tantamount to asking me to take the Master Sommelier Diploma Exam. What the fuck would I know about it? Cosmetic concerns like how many years had passed or how many writers had been cycled through mean nothing when it comes to WGA screen credit. This is the one inviolate truth about the Arbitration process which never changes. Let me illustrate this dynamic with specifics. Out of financial necessity, low and no-budget films need to stay self-contained with one main location usually doing the heavy lifting. Not only does this keep physical production costs down, it also helps alleviate endless potential logic problems.

Most any potential plausibility killer can be layed neatly to rest by simply keeping your characters locked down. This particular project was set in a bus station besieged by an approaching winter storm what? The protagonist, Striker, escapes from a prison transport and takes shelter inside the terminal, holding the waiting passengers hostage.

Wfa twist is that one — or maybe more — of these folks are actually people-munching fuckwr zombies who recently crashed their flying saucer nearby. Blood Simple is a classic example of taking stock elements and set-ups and elevating Wga fucker beyond their modest, derivative genre means. So… Striker takes over the bus terminal. His plan fuker simply Wga fucker surf the situation, survive the aliens, ride the storm fufker, then disappear into the sunset. Not so much, right? But built WWga at the core is also a mind-numbing level ffucker passivity.

Drink root beer floats Wta read Highlights? Further, the film lacked a Female Protagonist. Frame one, the picture was a sausage fest. Besides that, for any writer, having a solid female character is always preferable from a myriad of creative standpoints. Most obvious of which is giving you the raw material for a lot more scenes with the protagonist. Straightaway, my rewrites focused on dealing with this pair of script killers. Step One, I changed the bus terminal into a small rural airport. At least not until you consider that it ultimately provides Striker with something completely non-existent in earlier drafts — a viable plan for and means of escape, by aircraft.

This one bold stroke has now created the primary motivation for his character to become proactive above and beyond just routine survival. First, Striker will need to search the airport proactive. Being broken, Striker will have to repair it proactive. The rest of the plot plays out similarly. Before you know it, the film has now become aggressively repopulated with new scenes supporting this refashioned infrastructure. Henceforth, there are all sorts of emotional avenues to explore between her and Striker; character traits to examine, backstories which can emerge, the suppressed stirrings of personal chemistry — none of which existed before your pages.

The plain fact is that one right idea can become of monumental importance, redefining the very marrow of any project.

Fucker Wga

Boiled down to its core, being a writer is about making choices — choices which fukcer inform the project and give you the most storytelling options. This is a perfect example of how a great choice can pay long-term narrative dividends far beyond what anyone might expect. Providing more than enough of a platform to build my case for shared credit.

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