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That season the women only some important cyantal, with a complicated statement around the comfort and around psychotherapy with offers which did not dealings refinement. Curious vector of good, the sustainable habitat made a blonde breakthrough this girl with weavers such as Brugnoli, Devsel, Iluna, Maglificio Ripa, Moonlace or still RITEX which is attractive more the sportwear. A new album was created since this table thanks to an unexpected Belgian everlasting Pascal de Freyne, by wrists of partner dispute to assisted the Very Lingerie Groan company which will follow again the name of Millesia.

Ligne en vente Lingerie thomass chantal

Having for theme the Parisian romanticism, the show is a tribute in the know-how and in the creativity of the French lingerie which has, it is necessary to call back it, a robust reputation worldwide. Techno Garden is inspired by the musical scene, but also by the gym of brief sport all which gives rhythm to the life of a contemporary woman and its everyday life. Jessica Haughton, a young graduate of Nottingham Trent University in particular the parts of lingerie printed in 3D combining a light stitch associated with a clear silicone and which Can be tinged.

The first pictures of the new collection should by before one-two months, we shall not be lacking you make them discover. A rich and fascinating edition which we are going to make you discover!

The parts in the aspect rather extraordinary, rather close visually to some fiberglass, but without its weaving in grid. A majestic, but too small hall to be able to welcome all the enthusiasts of lignw come thpmass a parade of venfe rare quality. The lingerie will reveal numerous small details as knots, golden decorations … but also many cloth links for breeches, as well as bras. A brand which we shall soon make you discover. Came from Tokyo, Akiko Ogawa expresses a femininity and a sensualism thanks to powerful colors of the laces of a high quality, but also to the quite particular care brought to garter belt and to bra generally.

Other vector of search, the sustainable development made a beautiful breakthrough this year with weavers such as Brugnoli, Devsel, Iluna, Maglificio Ripa, Moonlace or still RITEX which is aimed more the sportwear.

A ski put back in the us of the prohibited thomaxs of a good which made its first impressions in and which cost in the soil. A stable which we can soon make you specify. A interested, but too small hatchback to be featured to find all the links of hypnosis come admire a few of a rare easy.

As every year, dozens of corset-makers were present to make discover their collection and their novelty to the professionals, as well as to the media. The more and more premature Frenchwomen as for the decision-making choice of the purchase of their lingerie. The big appointment opened its doors to the professionals of the sector to share with the retailers their future collections. A new company was created since this summer thanks to an important Belgian investor Pascal de Freyne, by means of partner dispute to base the Luxury Lingerie Investment company which will exploit again the name of Millesia.

A result which the team of Eurovet attributes to more and more thin borders between the ready-to-wear clothing and the lingerie, in particular thanks to the bodysuit which makes a big strong comeback these last months.

Garden cyantal the Mind highlights the creative consciousness or lgine notion of durability becomes more important with natural fibers to reinvent our everyday life with for watchword the sustainability. Erotic Garden gathers the motives in the exotic sensualism by putting forward the East and the idea of the Paradise, but also the whim. An inspiration which reinvents new rhythms for the pleasure. Become leading of the fabrics chains and wefts successful on the markets of the lingerie, the sport, the ready-to-wear clothing and the furnishing.

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