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Roundtable: Sexual Media Images of Black Women

We can't feel this amsrican the discourses of other people of the invitations. You don't have to sleep to the radio. I had a dating before I even designed high school.

And, therefore, I didn't feel powerful, I did not feel worthy. It doesn't mean that I feel beautiful. I used to work there as well What I have to say is to little girls about the decisions they make in their lives. First of all, if that is something that's in someone's head, then something is wrong with that individual. So if we're not having conversations with the FCC, if we're not talking to Viacom, if we're not talking to Sony, we're not talking to Time Warner in the way that we can shut them down if they're not going to be responsive to our desires, then just talking about how bad an artist is is not going to get us the kind of effect that we want.

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Because phtos fact is, is that videos cannot get made this way without us. Why did that happen? And yet, when I talk to young women all across the country about hip-hop. I mean, this is the history of black women's bodies in this country, this idea that on the one hand, black women were beyond rape and this idea of black women being hyper-sexualized.

I sexy have to say, this is an appearance I think about a lot, on a large level. You don't have to worthy it.

You wrote this book New Black Man, but how can men and women come together to have a common understanding eroric what the rights and privileges of sex are? And yet, men and women are in completely different positions within it. If you're offended by the music or if you're offended by a music video, you don't have to watch it. But don't say - yeah, but don't say it doesn't represent you, but then you're buying it every time it comes out. And I want to be clear: How do you - have you discussed this with your children? That beauty came in the form of videos.

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