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If the Contender takes the Gladiator off the platform, he or she is declared the winner, even if he or she also comes down in the process. A Contender gets 10 points if he or she wsinging the Gladiator down, and 5 points if he or she lasts the entire 30 seconds. Holding on to the wires supporting the Earthquake ring is legal, but kicking or otherwise swingging the foot to remove the Contender from the ring is not. The event is Amsteur in concept to "Conquer", the second part of " Breakthrough and Conquer ". Gauntlet[ edit ] In Gauntlet Season 1the contenders earn two points for each of four Gladiators they pass within the second time limit and an additional two points if they can break through a foam wall 10 feet beyond the final Gladiator, for a maximum of 10 points.

The rule change is similar to the seventh and eighth seasons of the UK Series. In addition, the Gauntlet is enclosed, so contenders cannot be pushed "out of bounds. Hang Tough[ edit ] In Hang Tough Season 1 the course is shorter, situated over a pool of water, and has much smaller platforms. Further, the Gladiator is allowed to use the contender's equipment such as the straps holding the backpack to pull the contender in. As in the original version, contenders receive 5 points if they are still on the course when the second time limit expires.

In Season 2, the course has been lengthened, and contenders must have at least one hand on a blue ring all rings from the center row to the Gladiator's platform when time expires in order to earn points for a draw. Four Gladiators, two on each side of the bridge, attempt to knock the contender off using pound demolition balls.

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Contenders receive two points for each successful trip across the bridge within the second time limit, and must press a button on the Amateuf to swingung the points a difference swinying the UK version, which required contenders to touch the rail at swinginh back of the platform. Couplss, there is no penalty for crawling on the suspension bridge, as there was in the UK version, though the referee has instructed contenders to return to their feet in some instances after significant crawling. Joust[ edit ] In Joust Season 1the platforms are situated over a pool of water. Gladiators, but not contenders, may be disqualified if both their knees touch the platform simultaneously.

Both gladiators and contenders will be disqualified Amateur swinging couples video they step on their opponents platform. If gladiator is knocked gideo by contender the contender will earn 10 points. If the contestant does not get hit off by 30 seconds then the contender will receive 5 points. Powerball[ edit ] In Powerball Season 1the time limit is now 60 seconds. In addition, the playing field is lined with padded walls, which means there is no "out of bounds," and the scoring bins have much wider openings, making tossed balls more effective than the original. For Season 2, caps have been added to the scoring pods to narrow the opening and prevent the contenders from scoring by shooting the ball and the course has been enlarged.

Contenders earn 5 points for getting their feet atop the Pyramid tier marked with a white dotted line. Pressing the button at the top within the second time limit is worth 5 more points, for a total of 10, and immediately ends the event. Rocketball[ edit ] In Rocketball Season 2which is a new event, two Gladiators and two contenders begin the match at the corners of the arena. When each competitor presses a button, they are launched via their harnesses into the air toward two goals at the center of the arena.

The contenders try to score by throwing balls into the goals, while the Gladiators play defense. Goals in the lower basket are worth 1 point, while goals in the upper basket are worth 2. Sideswipe[ edit ] Sideswipe Season 2 features a series of five platforms, similar in size to those used in Joust. Each end platform has a " bullseye " target, and colored balls attached to the base. The contenders have 60 seconds to pull a ball off one platform, race across the five platforms, and place the ball in the target at the other end; each ball placed in the target earns one point.

As in Hit and Runthe Gladiators try to end the event early by knocking the contender into the water. In Sideswipe, though, the Gladiators themselves are the projectiles, swinging on ropes to try to hit the contender. The two contenders race around one lap suspended upside down from a figure 8 track hanging from the ceiling of the arena. They are chased by two Gladiators, whose goal is to pull a ripcord being trailed by the Contenders. If the Gladiator pulls the ripcord, the contender is released from their carriage and is eliminated from the race.

The first contender to cross the finish line earns 10 points. If both contenders cross the finish line, the second place contender gets 5 points. The contenders also face a time limit of 60 seconds. The Gladiators start further away from the contenders so they can have a fair match.

Snapback[ edit ] The version of Snapback Season 2 is very different from the event of the same name in the original series. Here's what I worked on Putting Over a Dime Find some good, true carpet to putt on. The faster the better. Set yourself up by laying a dime on the ground the holewith a book behind at a 45 degree angle, and a few pillows to catch the balls. Lay an alignment stick on the ground to make sure you're set up on track.

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Hit or so putts every night and you'll make some crazy progress in Amateir winter months. The book works great Amateuur it gets the balls out of the way. You can also hit putts at different paces. Nobody says you need to hit the 4-footer like a 4-footer. Hit it like a footer and see if you can hear the dime click each time. Coin Chipping Drill Make sure you set up some pillows to catch the balls. Don't use a lob wedge Lay down that alignment stick again.

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