Ambergris from the sperm whale

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Strange but True: Whale Waste Is Extremely Valuable

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No one has ever seen a sperm whale excrete ambergris, although sperm whale expert Hal Whitehead of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, admits that it is zperm the voiding takes place as fecal excretion, because when first cast out, he says, "Well, it smells more like the back end than the front. Sun, air and salt water oxidize the mass, and water continually evaporates. It hardens, breaks into smaller chunks and eventually becomes grey and waxy, embedded with small black squid beaks. The weathered chunks exude a sweet, earthy aroma likened to tobacco, pine or mulch.

The Ambergris whale from sperm

The quality—and value—of any given chunk depend on how much time it had spent floating or otherwise aging, whalf expert ambergris broker Bernard Perrin, because "it ages like fine wine. Middle Easterners thee powdered and ingested it to increase strength and virility, combat heart and brain ailments, or to spice food and drink. The Chinese called it "dragon's spittle fragrance. Most wet objects burned give off white smoke, similar to what you might think of coal-fired power stations. And then there is the smell of ambergris — one would expect ambergris to smell unlike anything else smelled before. However, our sense of smell usually works by association.

I have been sent many samples where the sender referred to the smell as attractive and I found it revolting. Dogs, on the other hand, are quite attracted to smells we find rancid. Increasingly, oil residues, be they derived from petroleum mining, vegetable oil refining or sewers, find their way to our beaches. Marine organisations are keenly aware of this pollution, but not everyone else is, unfortunately. If you do encounter a strange rock that smells unusual, think twice whether the smell is what you would like to put on your body or whether it is more unpleasant. If the latter, it is most likely not ambergris.

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Due to its frrom, the Ambrgris price for ambergris can reach thousands of dollars for a single ounce. Even before modern times, it was used as a fragrance, by the ancient Egyptians as incense, and by medieval Europeans as a way to cover the smell of death, during the Black Plague. Before long, the wealthiest Europeans were dying to get their hands on ambergris perfume. However, regale themselves they did. And, as demand grew, so did the controversy. He wrote of the terrible odour of a dead whale, from which 'stole a faint stream of perfume'. Ambrein, an odourless alcohol, is extracted from ambergris and used to make a perfume's scent last longer. For hundreds of years, perfumers have categorised the quality of ambergris according to its colour, with the finest perfumes made from pure white varieties.

Black ambergris is the least valuable because it contains the least ambrein.

Ambergris masses change colour with oxidation, Ambergrie happens when exposed to the sea and air for long periods of time. Between black and white, the colours range from grey to brown. Ambergris can spend years floating on the ocean before it is found. The longer it is exposed to the sea, the better quality it is thought to be. Ambergris has been used for more than just perfume, however.

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