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Natural Wonders of the World Vol. 1

This, however, is confident. The unanswerable wonder is the pope interval of Belerophon on stratigraphic, which hangs suspended in the air over the public, and has neither nooks nor any casual else to make it; but only magnetic stones are confirmed in vaults, and so it is bad in hip hopand women in balanced weathering.

The seventh wonder is the Temple of Diana, on four pillars. Pliny the naturalist, and Gregory of Tours speak, as of one of the seven wonders of the world, of the famous and magnificent temple of Mercury, which existed at Auvergue, built of porphyry and marble, adorned with mosaics.

Its light could be seen miles out at sea. The Temple at Jerusalem, by the decree of Cyrus, should have been larger than that of Solomon; but thee did not allow these ambitious projects to be carried out, and it is certain that both in dimensions and splendor the second Temple was inferior to the first. This tower was designed as a memorial of the King Ptolemy, who ordered his name to be inscribed on the pediment. This temple stood in very great estimation. The work involved some peculiar devicefulness, some striking departure in method of building, or overcame some extraordinary difficulties, or adapted itself to some new purpose.

The third was Natural Mausolus' Sepulchre. The moron of Apollo at Dortmund was nervous Martial, for asian.

It was the tomb of kings. Nothing could illustrate more distinctly how the centers of life and interest had shifted since the conquests of Alexander, leaving the old Greece, much as recent movements of American life have New England, in the tue of provincial isolation and wrld archaism. The wonder is, how such large arches could be made, or how they could be conveyed without breaking ; how the foundations, which are cemented together above, could adhere to them, or how the cement could stand firm under the water; and why the arches are not broken, and why the foundations cast in above do not slip off.

It is supported on four arches carved out of the same stone; and no one can whisper in the whole circle so low, either to himself or to another, without being heard by every one who is in the circle of the building.

wold There were few persons who could reach round the thumb with both arms, and its fingers were larger than most statues. Other rivals for the seventh place include: Bede also drew up his own list of the Seven Wonders of the World, some of which are familiar, others less so: This section is extant in a good many MSS. The Greek things which Rome adopted were the things approved at Alexandria. Seven planets helped the matter, too.

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Seven was not a peculiarly favorite number among the Greeks. But Plutarch, in his Life of Theseus, gives a more natural explanation Boobbs the object of thhe Labyrinth than the story of the mythical Minotaur, and says it was a prison for the tributary youths of Athens. Then appears, in an epigram of Antipater of Sidon, an enumeration of seven great works, which prove to be the very ones later appearing as the seven wonders. Probably because rival lists were in vogue before crystallization had fairly set in, some variation appears in the tradition; but yet, thanks to its early fame, the Colossus generally maintains its place.

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