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Brandon - Yes, they're outdated. He is an owner who briefly considered using his daughter at Least taking by getting an Appointment tattoo, but who has verified other US medications to just for being insufficiently reportable, particularly when it forbade to your views on the central of Austin Texas. I think nothing should be older to each other.

I think Mitt might've got that one. He was in Vegas and I was home nuxe we were just kind of shooting the breeze. And has he asked for your support? We also get asked from Obama. People focus on Romney, but we don't campaign for Obama either. But you have done for Harry Reid. Yeah, we have a Brandon flowers nude connection to Harry. Branddon knows my aunt Barbara. It's quite an odd thing to be in a tussle between politicians. But you nudf, I keep saying it, I feel like a broken record but we're neutral. We've never really embraced one side or the other, or used our success to really preach like that. How many times have interviewers asked whether nudde human or dancer?

I give different answers. But Floowers don't know that I've ever said dancer. I'm not a great dancer. Mormons flpwers not supposed to drink alcohol. So have you never been drunk? I have been drunk. I haven't Brandob in five or six years. And I will probably never be drunk again. You live in Vegas. Meanwhile, artists who once stared down from Flowers' bedroom wall turn up to pay homage: Their debut album, Hot Fuss, sold more than 7m copies, was nominated for five Grammys and went to number one in Britain, Australia and Argentina. Its follow-up, 's Sam's Town, almost perfectly replicated its success: Flowers is very much the band's public face.

General knowledge of the rest of the Killers amounts to: It's not as if he hasn't been interviewed before, which makes his obvious unease all the more peculiar. Flowere then Flowers is a very peculiar kind of rock superstar. He is a practising Mormon, who claims his devotion to a religion that frowns upon alcohol, tobacco, tattoos, premarital sex and body piercings has only been strengthened by five years in the godless world of rock'n'roll. He is a man who refuses even to swear on stage - "It's just a cheap way to get a rise out of the crowd," he sniffs - yet swiftly gained music press notoriety for gobbily starting feuds with other bands, among them Radiohead, whom Flowers suggested should try writing some proper songs again, and emo bands such as My Chemical Romance, whose music he described as "dangerous".

He is an anglophile who briefly considered thumbing his nose at Mormon orthodoxy by getting an Oasis tattoo, but who has taken other US artists to task for being insufficiently patriotic, particularly when it came to their views on the presidency of George Bush. Which I didn't get out of 60, kids who aren't from America screaming, 'I don't want to be an American Idiot. His family were so resolutely blue-collar that he literally snorts with incredulity when asked if they were in any way musical or artistic. His father did as well. Mom worked in a fast food restaurant called Taco Time, which later became my first job as well. His father was an alcoholic who stopped drinking when Flowers was five, then converted to Mormonism in the 80s following a religious epiphany, demanding to be baptised so quickly, there was no time to find a church and the ceremony had to be performed in a nearby swimming pool.

Flowers watched - "It was great" - and, the odd cigarette or vodka Red Bull, and the business with the Oasis tattoo notwithstanding, has stuck with Mormonism ever since. I've been thrust into a situation where I'm around a lot of people who don't believe. I just haven't been easily persuaded. The older I get, the more comfortable I get with it. Having a child reinforced my belief that we're created. There's just no doubt for me, not a thread of doubt in my mind, that there is a God. I took two classes in college before I realized that I just couldn't do it.

I just left the last one and I heard Changes on the radio. Ever since then, Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust have been my favorite albums. We're not really going to affect people or touch people until they know the record and come see us. So right now, I just hope that it's exciting for them and that they can catch on to how good the pop songs are and be moved sometimes. We're really nice and we're good at playing our songs [laughs]. And that's what's supposed to matter. You're a big hit with gay indie gentlemen, were you aware of that? Why, do you get a lot of boys throwing themselves at you? Er, sometimesyeah. How do you feel about it?

Well, we're here for boys and girls. We don't turn anybody away! It was cool to meet Jay-Z. I watched someone go up to him and say how much they loved his outfit.

Jay said, "Thanks, dog, it's Purple. We're called the Killers but I promise you, this won't hurt a bit. Only the fittest of the fit survive right now. We're into handshakes, and the world isn't. I'm proud of that. But that doesn't mean it's [Andy, You're A Star] a gay song Listen, I just write stories, bizarre, weird, entertaining stories, and only sometimes are they autobiographical. I'm not interested in drugs because I've seen what they can do. I don't want to be like him. What does it matter today that he wrote Good Vibrations?

The man goes around talking to himself. People hum along to keyboard parts.

Flowers nude Brandon

That's something flpwers never happened anywhere else. I think they're just more excited and less There's a Brxndon about the English. Ronnie plays the drums Braandon he does because he's not wasted and we're an awesome live band because of it. That might work for us. I'm such a tart! They make me happy. Except polygamy ended about a hundred and fifty years ago. Maybe when I'm, like, thirty. I can't do it now. I'd need to take voice lessons. I'm such a sucker. I almost came to blows with one today. We pulled up to the gig, and it's two in the afternoon, and there's these four guys standing outside, and they all have blue markers and brand-new CDs.

And they're obviously not fans.

I would not have checked in one of the participants for tips. I don't wear where that special from.

So I said, Okay, I'll sign, Bfandon I won't take a picture. This guy got angry, so we nide yelling at each other, and he told me to go buy some eyeliner and flipped me off, and I blew him a kiss and that was it. Other than that, fans are usually quite nice. Rock n' roll is very hard on your clothes, you know? It kind of sums up our band in a nutshell. But it's not salmon! That was the worst thing.

Just call it pink! That's what it is. I think we'd have to dip into the old Elton and Liberace wardrobes Brandon flowers nude top that Brandom. I'm not going to tell you how much it was, but it fflowers hurts, Brandon flowers nude tell you that. Get out of my car and knock on peoples windows Brandob I met Dave. I was Braneon a mission. We all have it in us when the rain comes! You guys get it more, so when the nhde comes it's more exciting for us. Nued only played one, and I've never Brandob been to one. I'd probably say don't do mushrooms. Woodstock is over, let it flowerw. Even if it was only going to church or something, I always enjoyed Sunday for that, like I fpowers I flowrs to Branxon dressed up.

And that's just how I've always been. But I don't think I'm going to. My dad's still a bellman. Flwers drive a Hyundai with a dent in it. The flowets taped Branodn. We have a closeness. I guess it rlowers be something like: Uncomfortable yet good-looking person, that's myself, looking Brandon flowers nude another uncomfortable and good-looking fllowers, to share a vlowers with. And nobody caught me! It was a sad thing. And the boys kept playing But I think it would nuse been a lot better if someone would nufe caught me. And even Dave thinks Brndon guilty - Arm wrestling with scorpions [about how the band settles its creative differences] - I thought we were going to win best rock video, but you just can't beat those Green Day people.

They gave Flowerw Hilton more stars than they gave us. Just shoot me if I ever refer to myself as an Brandon flowers nude. Call me "rocket man" instead. And, don't kill me, but Jenny really wasn't a friend of mine. I call it bullshit modesty, and I don't like it. I can't even be bothered to start some intrigue about it. Brandon flowers nude was during the first Gulf War, and my dad brought nudw pictures of Saddam Hussein for me to shoot at. So I was shooting at Brancon of them one time and I ran forward to it immediately after I'd fired to see how good a shot I was, but it ricocheted off the shed and came back at me square in the head. I learned my lesson. I almost lost my eye that Christmas.

It seams like you're not allowed to— like it must not be real or it Brandoj not be good if fllowers are happy to be here. And I'm very happy to be here. I love having a body that's fully functioning. I love traveling and getting this opportunity. Flowerz think Daughters, by John Mayer, would be a good candidate. I don't know Brandpn he Bfandon me so bad. We're flowrrs out to find the best songs and the best parts for each song and I'm serious, like, I don't want people to see this. I don't know anyone who doesn't have a favorite song. I just want to be the messenger. My mom would say it's because they are jealous.

The flashiness and the glamor catch your attention. That has a huge effect on you. If I was listening to hip-hop as opposed to Morrissey when I was 13, I would probably be a very different musician. But that's what I was drawn to when I was growing up. It gave me a terrible sense of self-image, and I guess I carry that around with me still. I always knew it didn't matter as long as you had the songs. I mean I saw them from about eight miles away but I was there! I think these two things go together. I don't like 'Are we denser? I really care what people think, but they don't seem to understand.

They think it's nonsense, but I was aching over those lyrics for a very long time to get them right. What's the song about the two brothers? Where he lets his brother leave at the end, after he beats the guy to a pulp? I knew it was a great song but I didn't know it would be so big. Critics maybe come to the album having written a review before they heard it but it's a great record and there's a reason I'm here. We've had awful reviews in the past and it hasn't hurt us so I don't know why I care. I haven't met them. I heard early on that Ric Ocasek didn't like us. I've met just about every one of my other musical heroes, such as Bono and Elton John.

I was surprised when Bernard Sumner from New Order said he liked us. I had to have something that combats against the Flowers. What is your wish list for Santa this year? A sandwich named after me. Why don't you think you're cool? I see some of the same faces every night. He wants to know if I will be on a Gap ad. And now I just want that every night. Without Las Vegas I would be a wreck. I don't mind watching sappy movies, either. You can learn things. I can still whip just about anybody though. I've never had a stylist but when I look back at some of the pictures I think I should have had a stylist!

You can read all you want about Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, but you aren't them yet. They wrote hits first. We've just had great fans… and I work hard. It's a combination of both of those things. The way his voice cuts through live, it just blows me away. To appear to have a certain lifestyle, that's the problem in America. Perhaps it says that I'm this really vulgar attention-seeker. That desire, that need, maybe comes from being a strange child who desperately craved attention. But ultimately I've got great songs. The songs come first, and I'm able to deliver them in a way they need to be delivered.

I knew I would be better if I stopped, I feel like I have longevity now. We started becoming a much better live band so I knew it was the mature thing to do. I don't know how rock'n'roll it is to stop drinking and smoking, but I do think that drinking and smoking simply because you've read it's rock'n'roll is dumb and utterly cliched. It was something I was excited about at the time. There are some great stories about people I admired getting messed up. For a time you feel like you want to be a part of that. To me the harmful thing is excess. No good comes of it. Jagger was a sex beast. Maybe from thinking that they were trying to hide themselves. When I was six or seven years old, if I saw a man with a beard I'd cling to my mother.

I was just convinced that they were going to take me away. When I started listening to Morrissey, I lived in Utah in a small town, it didn't even have a stop light, people drove around in tractors. Somehow I was able to identify with him because I was in such a strange place. There was something so glamorous about him, that just didn't exist in Utah, and never will! We're still young and we're going to creep up on people. I sometimes wish I could see what other people see when they hear it. Went and did a hike.

Jumped in the lake. Stuff that it seems like you only see in movies. It makes it all worthwhile for me. So the songs keep coming. We haven't been shy about saying that so I guess that's pretty extreme. People just have a fascination with Las Vegas. It's really like two cities here. There's a really normal side and then there's the strip. Most people just see the strip when they hear Las Vegas and we really are from the normal side of the stage. A lot of times people focus on the keyboards and eyeliner and it's pretty annoying. I mean there aren't a lot keyboards in the songs and a couple of us wear eyeliner every now and then and it's just whatever, we just kind of let it bounce off.

I've worn it 90 percent of the days over the last five years, so it's molded to me and worn out in the right places. I guess I have a love affair going on with it. We get to record music for a living. It shouldn't even be called a job.

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