Glasgow wee hairy

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The Weegie Words: you help us list 100 words that prove you come from Glasgow

You hatch yourself at the pub Ethan. Aye the local course wis too literally for me.

Can also refer to a fake designer item, used as knock-off. Did you knock that fae the shop? Her maw's mother skirt wis pure short, whit a riddy! Geez a swatch at yir new trainers. I pure walked past her in the hiary, and she just pure dinghied me. The food wis mingin' not nice and it hsiry geein me the boak. Sometimes used if hairry are lost Glazgow wandering around or as a we term for somebody not very clever. Del yir a pure stoater when you've hid hunners to drink. Same phrase different meaning: Reader James Gilchrist says stoater can be used in a complimentary way in the sense of, "You're a wee stoater pal. It can also apply to when you want to show encouragement towards your football team or a band you like.

It is also used by 'wains' children in the context of them being marked 'chibbed' by a pen. Haha, ya dafty, you've chibbed yirself wae a permy permanent pen. It is a word used in a similar context to 'taps aff' but applied to women. Toot toot, chebs oot A wis right, you wer wrang, get it right roon ye, ya dafty. If you don't behave son, yir getting skelped. John gonna wrap it, yir dain ma nut in cracking yir knuckles. That rips ma knittin' Similar word: It is used when you are really angry.

Can also sign to a freshman designer item, used as kyle-off. Reader Saline Montague tensed on Other, February 4.

A just drove through Glasgow wee hairy pothole, there is hunners Glasgiw ma bit. My tyre burst, am heavy ragin. It is also used to express injustice. A Glaxgow that Gary up ma Glagsow with that bird girlhe wis acting pure shady. Wonder where his girlfriend wis? Aye, I started ma new joab the day, I am pure nigel nae pals, naebody will talk hairry me. It can also be used haiy describe not doing something you were thinking of doing. Did you pie it? Aye the joinery course wis haury hard for me. It is used to describe someone who is crazy or eccentric. Glasyow his to Glaegow the lights oan and aff everytime she leaves the room, she is pure wired tae the moon.

Here, here Davie, haiey a burly you've went right past ma bit. The Glasgow wee hairy is also the adjective we use to describe someone with red hair. Also used to refer to your house. A phrase to express hiary. I saw UFO, gen up. No seen you in ages pal. Bank Holiday Monday, aww day bevy sesh, yaldi! You pure dinghyed me aww week, whit you aww about? She is the kind of person you would not want to be associated with. She perhaps has done something that goes against your own moral code. She wis aww aer that guy, and she's goat a man.

She is a pure hairy. It always is used to inform someone who a person is a associated with in case you know that person. You know Mary, she hings aboot wi Betty. Paul's, yir trackie bottoms are budgie deed, whit you aww aboot man? My leg is gawpin efter playing fitbaw. Reader Claire Galbraith suggested on Tuesday, February 4. Ma pal goat a kb fae the dancin' cos she was steamin drunk. It can also be used to point out that someone is being out of order. Reader Kirsteen King suggested on Tuesday, February 4. Reader Debbie Gosling suggested on Tuesday, February 4. Can also be used to describe a moaner in the context of 'greetin' face.

The phrase 'greetin' face' often applies to wains children who cry a lot. A wis pure greetin' watching River City last night, it was pure deed sad. Many of you might even remember the jeely piece song, "Oh yae canne fling pieces oot a 20 storey flat, hungry wains children will testify to that, if its butter, cheese or jeely, if the breid is plain or pain, the odds against it reaching earth are 99 tae wan. Maw mothergonne make me my pieces for ma work the morra. Reader Paula Buchanan suggested on Tuesday, February 4. Can also apply to a person who has a strong physique. That test was pure solid man.

It can also be used to vouch for a person as being OK. Wee Tam is pure sound. Reader Iain Perham suggested on Tuesday, February 4. Geez a bootle of ginger juice.

Hairy Glasgow wee

Reader Beth Wolland suggested on Tuesday, February 4. It is a generational word which Glaasgow changed throughout the years. Every generation has their own version of the word. Laura and John wer wynchin up the cloose. Reader Ben Allison suggested on Wednesday, February 5. Reader Angela Convery suggested on Wednesday, February 5. She is pure MWI out of it aww the time, she is a mad jalky.

Reader Andrew Benson suggested on Wednesday, February 5. He's handy with his fists. You are calling someone's bluff. Andrew points out quite rightly that we are one of the only dialects that uses two positive words to make a negative. There is even a Glasgow literacy festival celebrating the popular phrase named aye write. Reader Michael Lawrie suggested on Wednesday, February 5. Can also be used as a warning that someone is coming who has authority and can give you into trouble such as the police or a teacher at school.

Ah'll keep the edgie troops.

You know who I'm talking aboot, thingy ma jig with the blonde hair. Can be used for emphasis when you just want someone to repeat what they have just said. Hawd it, you mean he proposed? Reader Ross Miller suggested on Wednesday, February 5. Reader Pamela Robinson suggested on Wednesday, February 5. Don't act it, pal. Ah left a full pint standin oan the bar when Ah went tae the lavvy. Naw, Ah couldny go a sweetie hen; Ah'm just after ma dinner. What are you after? This is not a hostile or nosy enquiry but a reuqest as to what you would like to drink.

The same term is used when a cyclists lets someone climb on behind him on his bicycle: Cally Nicknames for Carlsberg Special, a proprietary brand of strong lager: Ye canny shover yer granny aff a bus cargo A slang word for carry-out: Ye should a seen the size a the cargo they turnt up wi! Glasgow wee hairy that your da waiting at the bus-stoap? Ye're feart tae dive the dale! Two tae me, two tae you, that's eachy peachy, intit? Gallus waistcoat, wee man! He jist stoats right inty the place as gallus as anything. Ye'd never get me gaun oot wi wan a these wee guys that think they're gallus' gaun Go on: You tell the wee bampot.

Gaun can also mean going: We're aw gaun on wur summer holidays' gauny Literally this means going to: You're gauny get yer backsid skelpt! Gauny no keep bumping inty us pal? That yin fancies hersel an she's pure hackit an aw hairy A wee hairy is an abusive name for a young woman considered sluttish: The only ones that go to that club are neds and wee hairies. To 'take a hairy fit' sometimes shortened to 'take a hairy' means to go crazy with anger: Ibrox Park The home ground of Rangers F. His faither stopped gaun tae the gemme efter the Ibrox Disaster in seventy-wan. This literally means 'isn't it not? Its nae use gaun up north in this weather, intit no? She jagged her finger on the barbed wire.

To 'haud the jaikets' means to be in attendance at some event without taking part, be an onlooker: Ah'm only haudin the jaikets here. If someone's jaiket's on a shoogly nail this means that his position is not secure, that there is a threat oflosing his job. The literal meaning is, of course, that the nail on which the person is accustomed to hang his jacket has become loose and the next time the person tries to hang up the said jacket it may, along with the nail, fall to the floor: You better screw the nut, sonny boy, cause yer jaiket's on a shoogly nail. Mind yer feet oan that dug's keech.

Like other similar words this can be used to mean a disliked person: Whats that wee keech sayin noo? Thats a right keeker ye've got. Laldy An odd word, meaning punishment or enthusiastic participation. To give it laldy means to give one's utmost enthusiasm and effort to whatever it is one is doing:

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