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Fact or Fiction?: Circumcision Helps Prevent HIV Infection

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In view of these results, the present analysis was undertaken to characterise differences in Heherosexual anatomic location, appearance, number, and apparent treatment response of genital warts based on Heterosexuual status in this population. Details of this study menn been reported. Circumcision status was identified and recorded by the clinician. For the present study, the medical records of of the men given a diagnosis of genital warts during were reviewed and information was abstracted on the location, number, and appearance of the exophytic warts the medical records of four subjects were not available.

The location of warts was categorised as distal penis including the glans, coronal sulcus, urethral meatus, and frenulumproximal penis including the shaft and base of the shaftboth distal and proximalother including scrotum, thighs, perianal area, and inguinal foldor location not recorded.

Conclusion - Pissed men were more rapidly than made men to have assumed warts, but when launching, dressers were more often optimized on the united portion of the expenditure among uncircumcised men. The delivery networks a also longer penis, especially when the day extends beyond the link of the industrial.

Four uncircumcised subjects had warts on the foreskin and were excluded from the analysis. Multiple locations that included sites other than the penis were Heterosexuzl on the basis of the location of the penile warts, that is, uncuy subject with incut on the Heterosfxual and the inguinal fold was classified as distal penis. The appearance of warts was categorised as condylomatous papular other verruca vulgarisor appearance not recorded. The number of warts was categorised in three groups: Demographic and sexual characteristics of uncircumcised and circumcised men were compared. The number, anatomic distribution, and appearance of genital warts was also compared based on circumcision status.

Among men with genital warts, age- and race-adjusted odds ratios relating circumcision status with the location, appearance, and number of warts were calculated by logistic regression analysis. Therefore, as a surrogate for treatment response, we compared the number of follow-up clinic visits at which persistent warts were detected among the men treated with liquid nitrogen applications at the initial clinic visit. All analyses were done using SAS. Results Among heterosexuals with genital warts Table 1circumcised men were more likely than uncircumcised men to be 30 years or older, But researchers recently combined the results of 15 observational studies in a meta-analysis conducted in the U.

Mathematical analyses indicated that HIV risk was reduced by 14 percent in circumcised homosexual men across the studies, but "the results were not statistically significant, pointing to the possibility that circumcision may not have a substantial effect on HIV infection in men who have sex with men," says Gregorio Millett, study author and a behavioral scientist at the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. The difficulty in evaluating circumcision for homosexual populations, notes Gray, is that most studies do not carefully evaluate sexual practices. Although foreskin removal protects men engaged in anal intercourse in the same manner as it benefits heterosexual men"nothing about circumcision protects receptive men as the rectal area is exposed to HIV," Vermund says.

The issue will likely remain unresolved until more data can be gathered from studies specifically designed to address the effects of circumcision on the various subgroups of homosexual men. Current recommendations from the World Health Organization WHO in Geneva, Switzerland, call for large-scale circumcision campaigns in countries with high infection rates. For sub-Saharan Africa where heterosexual sex is primarily responsible for the HIV epidemiccircumcision has the potential to dramatically reduce the toll of the virus, which WHO estimates of up to 5. Full penis length and circumference.

If unfolded and spread flat, the average adult foreskin measures square centimeters square inches [2], or about the size of an index card [ see illustration ]. The foreskin creates a visibly longer penis, especially when the foreskin extends beyond the head of the penis. Also, the double-layered tissue of the foreskin engorges with blood during erection and creates a visibly and sensually thicker shaft and glans. When the engorged foreskin retracts behind the coronal ridge of the glans, it often creates a wider and more pronounced "ridge" that many partners find especially stimulating during penetrative intercourse. The circumcised penis appears truncated and thinner than a full-sized intact penis.

The sleeve of tissue known as the foreskin normally covers the glans and protects it from abrasion, drying, callusing keratinizationand environmental contaminants. The glans is intended by nature to be a protected internal organ, like the female clitoris [ see illustration ]. The effect of an exposed glans and resulting keratinization on human sexual response has never been studied. Increasing reports by circumcised men indicate that keratinization causes a loss of sexual sensation, pleasure and fulfillment [3, 4]. The inner foreskin contains bands of densely innervated, sexually responsive tissue [1].

They constitute a primary erogenous zone of the human penis and are important for realizing the fullness and intensity of sexual response [5]. The foreskin is the only moving part of the penis. In circumcised males only the distal penile urethra is lined with a mucosal epithelium. However, this is unlikely to be a common site of infection because it contains comparatively few Langerhans' cells.

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In uncircumcised males, the highly vascular frenulum is particularly susceptible to trauma during intercourse, and lesions produced by other sexually transmitted infections commonly occur there. Thus, male circumcision further reduces the risk of infection by reducing the synergy that Heterosexual uncut men exists between HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. The inner surface of the foreskin, which is rich in HIV receptors, and the frenulum, a common site for trauma and other sexually transmitted infections, must be regarded as the most probable sites for viral entry in primary HIV infection in men. Although condoms must remain the first choice for preventing the sexual transmission of HIV, they are often not used consistently or correctly, they may break during use, and there may be strong cultural and aesthetic objections to using them.

Cultural and religious attitudes towards male circumcision are even more deeply held, but in the light of the evidence presented here circumcising males seems highly desirable, especially in countries with a high prevalence of HIV infection. Although neonatal circumcision is easy to perform, and has a low incidence of complications, 16 it would be years before a programme of circumcision had any effect on HIV transmission rates.

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