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The Matkre you see with this feature may contain mature content. If this option is acceptable to you, then you only need to prevent the users from changing the setting which is shown below.

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The settings are simply stored as a cookie on the browser, with no cookie equating to a moderate SafeSearch Google default. Apparently only English users can Mzture Google's content filtering technology and it may be that only US schools seem to be so hung up on blocking these images to start with. Here is where we can try to block access to the URL's that are used to change the search preferences. There is this little warning on the Google site: There are some problems with trying to prevent 'mature' pictures using SafeSearch. Using products like SurfControl, you can block many, many URL's, but there has been a long-standing issue with Google Image search being a way for kids to look at pictures which administrators want to block.

As an example, go to www. Put in a deny rule with the iamge settings taken from a post in the Novell Public Forums: I simply deleted the cookies on the browser, and SafeSearch was re-enabled for me. Google considers a number of factors when determining whether an image is relevant to your search request. The mature content filter is only available from an English interface.

Image search Mature

This setting attempts to block mature content from serch Images search, but does not affect regular web searches. Also prevented changes to all other preferences. Ikage be sure the browser is set appropriately before you lock things down. Nevertheless, the same sort of technique should be usable to block image searching on Yahoo, or to prevent changes to the preferences. Note that when you submit a search for Google images, you are redirected to a URL starting with http:

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