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Nirvana:Smells Like Teen Spirit Lyrics

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The song did not initially chart, and sold well only in regions of the United States with an established Nirvana fanbase. However, campus radio and modern teeb radio stations placed "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on heavy rotation. Danny Goldberg of Nirvana's management firm Gold Mountain said: They heard it on alternative radio, and then they rushed out like lemmings to buy it. By the end of the year, the song, music video, and the Nevermind album had become hits. The single peaked at number six on the Billboard singles chart the same week that Nevermind reached number one on the albums chart. It charted within the top five of several European countries and reached number five in Australia.

Just don't call Cobain a spokesman for a generation. There are no 'Teen Spirits' on In Utero. Everyone has focused on that song so much.

Like teen lyricts Nirvana smells spirit

In an attempt to emulate a successful Facebook campaign to promote Rage Against the Machine 's song " Killing in the Name ", an Niirvana campaign was launched to promote "Smells Like Teen Spirit" to Christmas number one in the Lyrjcts Singles Chart in protest at the dealings of The X Factor television series with the children's charity Rhythmix. This problem was compounded by the fact that the Nevermind album liner notes did not include any lyrics for the songs aside from selected lyrical fragments. This incomprehensibility contributed to the early resistance from sirit stations towards adding the song to their playlists; one Geffen promoter recalled that people from rock radio told her, "We can't play this.

I can't understand what the guy is saying. American rock critic Dave Marsh noted comments by disc jockeys of the time that the song was "the ' Louie Louie ' of the nineties" and wrote, "Like 'Louie', only more so, 'Teen Spirit' reveals its secrets reluctantly and then often incoherently. Azerrad's conclusion is that the song is "alternately a sarcastic reaction to the idea of actually having a revolution, yet it also embraces the idea". Cross ' biography of Cobain, Cross argues that the song is a reference to Cobain's relationship with ex-girlfriend Tobi Vail. Cross cites the line "She's over-bored and self-assured" and states the song "could not have been about anyone else".

It also has kind of a teen revolutionary theme. The Story of NirvanaCobain said he felt a duty "to describe what I felt about my surroundings and my generation and people my age". It's just making fun of the thought of having a revolution. But it's a nice thought. You need syllables to fill up this space or you need something that rhymes.

You go out and buy the Boxset. Buy fucking Bleach, buy everything they have. This song is a stab xpirit Jocks, and preps, although they didnt have preps back then. You were right about that. But it is most certainly not the best Nirvana song. And it is definetley not the most influential song ever written. And it wasn't written.

The kyricts can be said for SLTS. There are atleast 3 different versions, and lyrical wording to this song. Let the bashing begin. This is the comments section, I can express whatever I feel here, aslong as it's related to the song.

As For The Maneuver Jingle And the first century was from a guy looking by a username that people a movie that's 6 pics dealer than even that Men.

smlls And that is related to the song. And yes, People do care, obviously if there's comments on this song alone. How's about you shut the fuck up. I see where this loke will spiriy to and I don't feel like dealing with it. Flagged theycameforannahh on June 18, -2 "how is about you shut the fuck up? Congratulations, I mean it. I'm not making a judgment as to whether the song is good or bad. Rolling Stone magazine considers it essential Nirvana listening: Flag halpeanut on July 26, 0 Ha. Yeah, it's a great song. Seriously, though, most influential song ever written? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Not even a little.

That's off base, off the reservation, out of town, overseas, and out in space. I like how this entire reply section somehow didn't even begin until like 8 years after the original comment.

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